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When a car is involved in a trailer accident, the result is almost always a catastrophic injury or wrongful death. Too often, these accidents are caused by drivers or transportation companies that do not comply with regulations designed to promote and ensure their trucks’ safe operation. Some of these common-sense regulations for drivers include the amount of time on the road, the number of brakes, and the weight of the load they carry. Truck drivers work long hours and are often under pressure from employers to complete their tasks no matter what. This involves the use of shortcuts that increase negligence and devastating accidents.

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There are many safety measures to prevent truck accidents. Employee diaries, federal regulations, and strict company measures seek to promote safe driving practices. Unfortunately, many times these measures are circumvented to save time and money.

We can handle a wide variety of truck accident cases, such as:

Alcohol-related collisions

Collisions due to sleepy driving

Intersection accidents

Tire blowout collisions

Transverse folds

Rear collisions

Fatal truck accidents

Truck drivers often drive long hours, very late nights, and at high speeds. These variables alone are enough to worry some drivers about the dangers of truck accidents. However, adding alcohol to the situation will reduce the driver’s ability to monitor and control his or her vehicle considerably. The risk of the drunk driver is very high for them, for others and for property. All of these items can be quickly damaged or destroyed by the danger of driving a drunk truck.

Truck drivers are often under a lot of pressure to complete a task very quickly. This can equate to high pressure and can make some drivers turn to alcohol to reduce stress. This is a dangerous practice that immediately puts others at risk as well as the drivers themselves. Alcohol should not be associated with the performance of any vehicle, especially one large and dangerous as a large truck

At Zehl & Associates, our qualified houston truck accident lawyer can reveal the causes of the accident and name the parties responsible for injuries, property damage, or other losses.

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