Music is like by the majority of people in the world. There are many types of music In India like Hindustani classical vocal, Bollywood music, folk music, ghazal, and many more. Many peoples in India want to build their careers in music but they think their voice is not good for music. Voice for singing is a god-gifted Instrument, so you don’t need to afraid in front of others to sing. Perfect pitch, ideal tone aren’t you always born with but you can improve them by regular practice.

Controlling pitch is one of the most important and difficult aspects of singing. With regular practice, you can develop a good singing voice.

Strong vocal support is the base on which you can build a brilliant singing voice. Having a weak base means that the house of the singer will collapse under the weight. You can develop strong vocal support through practice and hard work.

Singers are generally aware of their sound and noise they make while singing. Singing every note on the high pitch without thinking is the sign of non-professional singers.

Every singer has a contrast set of vocals range, and they learn how to use it. Use your ears and voice while singing, then you have a clear image of your strengths and weakness.

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