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6th August, Udaipur
As in this Pandemic, the government understood the potential for loss of business for taxi services. Recently, The government released guidelines to protect people and travelers during this pandemic situation.

Here are the guidelines that Taxi Services in Udaipur followed to help and protect passengers during this situation.

Drivers started each working day with clean and washed clothes, clothes washed with hot water. It is better for a clean virus. Drivers sanitize themselves and the cab after each trip.
Things are wiped down in the taxi on a daily basis and also use protective gloves and some hand sanitizer.
Each person who suspects they are sick based on these symptoms is concerned with the hospital and gets treatment. They do not come to work without medical clearance. We are asking every employee to check their temperature each morning and report it before showing up for work.
COVID-19 pandemic situations everywhere, there are a few things that we have to come up with to minimize risk for taxi service when the same cabs are being operated over the course of a day or workweek by multiple people.
The virus spreads easily from person-to-person. But, it is not believed to be transferred over significant outdoor distances. In fact, health experts still believe that risk is significantly reduced even by people who are together outdoors if they maintain a safe distance and travel with safety things like sanitizer and globes.