Electric vehicles are also helpful in reducing pollution. Users are more willing to buy eco-friendly cars in 2022. Mercedes-Benz cars are a game-changer in electric vehicles.

Luxury cars are in demand in India. Many people want to buy new cars this year. They preferred to buy cars with the latest features. Mercedes-Benz is ready to launch new models in 2022. 

These models are all-electric EQS that are assembled in India. Most of the electric cars will launch in the last quarter of this year. Mercedes becomes the first global car brand that assembles all EVs in India.

According to Albert II, electric cars are the future. Car lovers want to buy EV cars.

They come with the “YOU First ” motto in India 2022. The company also comes with other SUV cars in India.

The sources of Mercedes-Benz India also introduced a new C-Class sedan in India shortly. They already launched it internationally last year. This car is available in showrooms in May this year.

Its C-class is a volume model that helps in high growth. Its Maybach-powered V8 will come to the market in March.

It comes with an influential model of the C-Class sedan in 2022. The recent version of this C-Class Coupe and Cabriolet will reflect the features of a compact sedan.

The launch of the new Mercedes EQ comes in the segment of electric luxury vehicles. The primary purpose of introducing EV EQS cars is to bring luxury style to the electric sedan section. Its AMG SL has space for four passengers. 

In addition, the company has enhanced its MBUX infotainment system. The EV EQS, C-Class has the latest MBUX 2.0 system. It offers extra processing power and multiple voice control functions. There is also an AR head-up display and other factors in these coming cars.

Buyers get these luxury cars this year with advanced features. It also comes with special offers on-road prices for these cars. 

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