1888 Press Release – Thru a strategic merger, Dent Tires, LLC has created a sophisticated partnership that will enhance its brand awareness throughout the entire commercial trucking industry. With Around The Clock, LLC vast roadside experience, and our unique tire sales approach, L & D Roadside & Tires, LLC is sure to send ripple effects throughout the market making us one of the leaders in the roadside service field.

Atlanta, GA – Conyers based wholesale tire company Dent Tires, LLC has partnered with Around The Clock Tires, LLC to offer their collective customers emergency road side service, rim replacement, tire sales and tire repair. Under this agreement, a new entity was formed entitled L & D Roadside & Tires, LLC. Owners Enrique & Joslyn Dent as well as Lamar Jones have taken a hands on approach to servicing the ever growing metro Atlanta population while nurturing the surrounding areas. As we return to a sense of normality, more people are driving and shopping leading to an influx of consumer consumption. This transition could lead to emergency services that will be needed to service the need if and when the situation arises as our highways and local streets become even more congested.

L & D Roadside & Tires, LLC, which is located in Morrow Georgia, will thrive from the collective 40 years of experience that our team provides. Our technicians have worked for some of the largest brand names in the automotive and trucking industry with vast mechanical and applicable knowledge . Our sales team has the managerial experience as well as product awareness to help assist our customers when there is an emergency whenever any unforeseen issues arise. Lamar Jones stated, “that he couldn’t be happier with this opportunity to give back to the community and work with such a dynamic team”.