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SEO.COM.SA (Search Optimization Est.), a provider of SEO Digital Consultancy, Social Media Marketing, Web Development, Content Marketing Strategy, and Digital Consultancy services, has an important message for anyone planning a search engine optimization strategy for their website.

“Over the past few years, we’ve seen a huge shift in how search engines manage, serve, and crawl content – a shift congruent with changes in how people use the web,” explains Muhammed Usman Faizy, Outreach, Amazon Marketing Manager at SEO.COM.SA. “The days when ranking on Google was simply a matter of finding the right keywords are in the past. Today’s search engines are more interested in content and value than a few static phrases.”

Put another way, a user’s intent now matters just as much as the keywords they enter. Who are they? Where are they searching from? What device are they using to carry out the search? These are a few of the questions search engines now must answer – questions a webmaster must bear in mind when optimizing their site.

“Keywords are still important,” continues Usman Faizy. “I expect they will always bear at least some relevance. At the same time, it’s now more important than ever that every page on your website is focused on a single topic or need. Why is someone searching for that page, and what are they looking for when they access it?”

Usman Faizy advises businesses to approach SEO not from a technical perspective, but from a strategic one. They need to consider both their goals as a business and their reasons for establishing a web presence. Moreover, they need to establish how they will measure the success (or failure) of their SEO efforts.

“Less than a decade ago, search engine optimization involved little more than a few tweaks to your page’s text, and sprinkling a few keywords here and there,” Usman Faizy explains. “These days, it’s a little more complex. In such an environment, every change you make to your site – every decision you make about a page – must be done with strategic intent.”

Usman Faizy notes that for his part, He will ensure his company remains well-positioned to help its clients with any SEO Digital Consultancy, Social Media Marketing, Web Development, Content Marketing Strategy and Digital Consultancy services, needs that may surface, whatever those needs may be. Our digital marketing work speaks for itself. We deliver an outstanding service custom-tailored to each and every one of our clients — big or small.

We are a team of highly skilled and dedicated specialists committed to delivering the fastest and most efficient online solutions in the market today. We ensure our clients have access to first-class talents and strategies not readily available anywhere else.

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