Benefits of Hiring a Commercial Fit Out Company Sydney

Office spaces have to meet a series of strict requirements in order to receive all the necessary permits and approvals for starting their activity. When setting up their offices, business owners must take into consideration all sorts of technical aspects that do not fall within their area of competence. If you want to make sure that all the guidelines with respect to office ergonomics will be taken into consideration, you should work with a commercial fitout company with extensive experience in this industry.

When taking on a new office fitout project, specialists in design will start by understanding their clients’ needs and expectations. Then, they will visit the work space and they will carefully examine the location, ensuring that they do not omit anything. In order to be able to do an excellent job, they must consider a multitude of aspects, including furniture, equipment, accessories, environmental conditions, the need for storage, etc. Note that it is extremely important to collaborate closely with the specialists in office fitouts sydney and to offer them all the information they need in order to complete your project to the highest quality standards.

The great thing about working with a commercial fit out company sydney is that it will take the stress out of this experience, putting at your disposal turnkey solutions. You will have absolutely nothing to worry about, as experts in office fitouts sydney will handle all the stages of the project, including consulting, space planning, interior works, office furniture and ergonomics products. What is more, they will make sure that your work space complies with all the relevant building and trade regulations, so that you can easily obtain all the necessary approvals for commencing your operations.

As already mentioned, a workspace must meet certain ergonomic requirements which are meant to ensure the employees’ well being and productivity. Fitout specialists will take all the required measures to ensure that your employees have enough space to carry out their tasks safely and comfortably, that they can easily reach their equipment and work materials, that all their communication and storage needs are successfully met and that their privacy is respected; this way, your employees’ productivity will grow, which will lead to an increase in the overall profitability of your business.

When it comes to furnishing solutions, your options are endless; by working with fitout specialists, you can make sure that your office space will achieve an optimum balance between functionality and aesthetics, space efficiency and ergonomics. After selecting the right furnishing and flooring solutions, the team you hire will also focus on ergonomics and they will choose products that will bring a higher level of comfort for your employees. By investing in quality ergonomics solutions, your employees will be less likely to complain about musculoskeletal disorders; what is more, they will definitely appreciate the healthy work conditions and your efforts to ensure their comfort will be rewarded.

In case you have decided to hire a fitout company, you should conduct a search on the Internet; with a few clicks of the mouse, you should be able to find a company with numerous years of experience and a large portfolio of happy customers. In order to enjoy a positive experience, you should probably choose a company which will handle your project from inception to completion and which will closely collaborate with you, so as to ensure that all the specific needs of your business are met. All in all, fitout experts can help you get the best out of your office space.

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Heating cables produced by HTS Global AG

HTS Global AG is a swiss company, which is well-known for its excellent quality. HTS Global AG produces a lot of different heating cables, which can be used for various installations. For HTS Global AG it is very important to serve all the needs of their customers, says Fabian de Soet, CEO of HTS Global AG. Even now during summer it is important to look for the suitable frost protection. To give you some more information about the different heating cables, we would like to introduce a few types to you.

ThermTrace Micro: The HTS TTM is a construction grade self-regulating heating tape that may be used for freeze protection, or low temperature maintenance of pipework and vessels.

ThermTrace Lite: The HTS TTL is a construction and light industrial grade self-regulating heating tape that may be used for freeze protection, or low temperature maintenance of pipework and vessels.

ThermTrace Regular: The HTS TTR is a construction and industrial grade self-regulating heating tape that may be used for freeze protection, or low temperature maintenance of pipework and vessels.

ThermTrace Super: The HTS TTS is an industrial grade self-regulating heating tape that may be used for freeze protection, or temperature maintenance of pipework and vessels.

This is just a small range of the cables that HTS Global AG produces. All of these cables are specialized for different areas and temperatures. For more information HTS Global AG is always more than happy to help you with your needs. Furher details can be found on

Riverday Spa Launches 5 New Rejuvenating Spa Services

To make the experience of spa services highly soothing and fulfilling, Riverday spa introduces 5 new spas to the self-lover in you.

To relieve your body of all the stress that has been building up and to experience a most calming spa service at the hands of Riverday spa expert masseurs, visit:


Riverday Spa, a renowned Spa and Massage service in Chennai has launched 5 new spa services to provide a rejuvenating experience to its customers. The spa has been providing highly professional Body Massage services to all its clients. Riverday has a very professional and experienced team of massage therapists and is known for its unrivalled service to the customers.

Spa services are quite famous for the various benefits it offers including speed revival from injuries, increasing blood circulation to all body parts, reducing mental stress, relaxing the body, etc. The body you live in and the mind that is encompassed within both needs to be taken care of. With its luxurious massage tables and aesthetically designed interiors, Riverday spa believes that the ambience is very relevant in contributing a calming effect to a spa service. The spotlessly clean parlour is another reason more customers are drawn to the spa.

Apart from the experienced massage therapists, the in house massage trainer from Bali who is an expert in the field of Spa and Massage service and educates the therapists of Riverday in new spas that emerge around the globe.

Upon being asked on the 5 new spas introduced by Riverday, the trainer commented that, “In addition to our existing special spa services like Swedish massage, Synchronizing massage, Detoxifying massage, etc. we have introduced 5 new spas. The Acupressure massage, LomiLomi massage, Shiatsu massage, Lymphatic Drainage massage and Four Hand massage are the 5 new additions which has been included due to the marvellous benefits it offers. Our therapists have been trained to perform all these spas effortlessly and smoothly to give the customers a wonderful relaxing time.”

Acupressure massage is mostly for relieving the pain in body and for de stressing the mind. This involves applying small pressure to pressure points in the body to let the energy flow and aid in the healing process. It thus relieves any ache in the body and helps in fast healing of injuries. The Lomi Lomi massage is of the Hawaiian origin and involves applying rhythmic strokes which vary in speed and pressure and is carried out by using the forearms and hands of the therapist. This is very beneficial to systems of the body including digestive and immune systems.

The Shiatsu massage involves continuous rhythmic movements of the pressure from the therapist’s fingers and palm. This lets the energy flow smoothly through the body to relieve it from stress and give it a totally vibrative effect. The Lymphatic drainage massage is a massage that can aid in weight loss as it rids the body from high water retention issues and hence is quite popular. This improves the blood and body fluid circulation and encourages in removing toxins from the body. All these benefits are due to the therapist focuses on massaging the lymph nodes of the body to facilitate drainage.

The four hand massage is literally using four hands or two therapists for performing a Body Massage. The body from head to toe are massaged to squeeze and detoxify any tension building up within the body. Long strokes, stretching and kneading in a very deep manner, the feeling the massage leaves you with is inexplicably great. To be overwhelmed by the experience, visit Riverday spa and treat yourself to one of their new spas for a completely refreshing time for the body and mind!

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About Riverday Spa

Riverday Spa is one of the most established spa services in the town of Chennai. The spa being operated by experienced massage therapists, provide a very refreshing experience all its customers. The Riverday spa believes in using completely natural and international standard spa products in their massage services and works everyday towards uplifting the body and mind freshness of each customer that steps foot into their spa.

New No: 7A, Old No: 2/4
1st Floor, Halls Road,
Chennai – 600 008

Contact Person – Ms. Swetha

Contact Number – 9500029234

Email Id –

Voice Snap Presents Innovative Conference Calling App – No Waiting Time & No Need of PIN Numbers

The founders of Voice Snap have surpassed imagination again with their Conference Call App, Let’s Huddle that allows instant connection of members without the necessity of passcodes.
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A conventional conference first requires emails for scheduling between members and then using a bridge number to connect each person. The process is long, arduous, and tiring. If even one member of the con-call requires to switch from a wired phone to a mobile, the whole call has to be disconnected and then reconnected. It is apparent that the standard dial-in method of a conference is full of issues and disadvantages, which only add to errors and lapses.
Voice Snap, a teleconference services provider, brings an ingenious solution to all the problems that riddle conference call. Creators of the Best Conference Call App in the market, Let’s Huddle, they have removed the necessity of going back and forth for scheduling a call. The app sends an automated SMS to all members of the date and time of the call. Furthermore, it requires no PINs, bridge numbers, or passcodes to connect all members due to its automatic dial-in feature.
“Teleconferences tend to suffer from many problems. Topping the list is the wait time for every participant to connect. The process is further elongated because bridge numbers have to be dialled in before a member is on the call. Let’s Huddle does away with the system. It safely and securely connects all participants without the need of putting in a PIN. One more common issue is muting a member. Currently, most solutions only allow every member to be forced muted. Our app comes with a live monitor that helps control participants. You can connect or disconnect, mute or unmute just one person,” a representative of the company answered when asked about the USP of the conference call app.
Voice Snap’s audio-conferencing mobile app is full of features that break the current communication barriers. They are able to do so because they understand the frequent problems that arise during conference calls. Let’s Huddle comes with scalability, which means it is apt for small businesses who do not have the financial bandwidth to resort to expensive solutions for conferencing.
The representative further said, “The conference call App takes on the role of an assistant, too. Each call is voice recorded, which means no one has to write down the Minutes of the Meeting while the call in going on. If the moderate of the call wishes, then the record is sent to their email as a voice document. Add to it the ability to transfer a call from a landline to cell phone and vice-versa without disconnection, and the conference call app becomes truly disruptive for the field. We also ensured that the app is available to all.”
The mobile app is accessible on the web, Android, and iOS. It is one of the rare conference call apps that allow an instant and hassle-free connection. It comes with the ability to create a group. Using the automated dial-out feature, the whole group is called at a pre-fixed time. To ensure that no member misses a conference call, they added an SMS feature. One message is sent upon scheduling the call and the other five minutes before the time of call.
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About Voice Snap
Voice Snap Services Private Limited was founded in 2002 in Chennai as a voice-based solutions and products provider. Today, it has become an innovator and leader in the industry by harnessing CTI, IVR, and Web technologies. They provided voice solutions across sectors. For more information, you can visit:
Address: No.2/7, Rajambal Street, T. Nagar, Chennai-17
Contact Person: Ms. Mala
Phone No: +91 9940085453

Consumer Appliances Market to register high revenue growth at 4.0% during 2019 – 2029

Future Market Insights (FMI), in its new study, analyzes the consumer appliances market and offers actionable insights on its growth prospects for the period 2019 and 2029. According to the study, worldwide sales of consumer appliances reached 1.27 billion units in 2018, and are estimated to register a Y-o-Y growth of 3.7% in 2019. The study opines that the impact of smart technologies is being witnessed in the market, with many players launching connected and smart devices to meet consumer expectations.

Rapid digitalization and strong knowledge regarding use and efficiency of modern appliances have been largely contributing to the market growth. Steady economic growth in several countries and rising need for comfort are influencing consumers to upgrade their existing appliances to smarter variants. In addition to providing convenience, reducing manual efforts, and saving time, manufacturers are focusing heavily on product innovations to satisfy the evolving needs of their customers.

Technology is surely bringing a paradigm shift in consumer appliances industry, and FMI’s study analyzes that stakeholders are helping consumers achieve their energy conservation goals through green technologies and sustainable-centric innovations. Impressive developments in smart connectivity area are also set to gain momentum in the coming years, representing a substantial competitive advantage for the market players.

White Goods Capture Robust Share over Brown Goods
According to the study, white goods such as refrigerators, washing machines, and air conditioners have garnered relatively high traction as compared to brown goods. In recent times, these products have become standard in almost every household, backed by availability at affordable prices. Additionally, provision of smart connection in white goods, along with fast urbanization and rural electrification, especially in developing economies, remained instrumental in accelerating the overall sales of consumer appliances. Far from being confined to bigger appliances, manufacturers are also working on incorporating robotic technologies in small appliances to provide user-friendly interface and enable ease of operations.

As smart homes become a reality all over the world, the FMI study opines that demand for consumer appliances from households or domestic segment will continue to grow at a significant pace. Introduction of technologically advanced models which can be connected to smartphones and controlled remotely along with rise in per capita income is likely to remain a key to gaining distinct competitive edge.

Opportunities galore for consumer appliances market stakeholders, as identified by FMI study with growing working population and rapid infrastructural development, resulting into increasing number of hotels, salon & grooming parlors, and quick service restaurants (QSRs).

According to the study, growth prospects of the consumer appliances market are high in Europe, owing to strong presence of reputed brands which continuously focus on fulfilling consumers need for appliances that can perform maximum tasks with minimal resources. Newer opportunities are expected in Asia Pacific stemming from a number of trends such as increased purchasing power, growing middle class population, advances in digital transformation, and favorable government policies that encourage the use of energy-saving appliances.

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As the importance of internet increases and e-commerce sites see an upsurge, stakeholders are implementing omni-channel marketing strategy to reach wide range of customers across the globe. According to the study, sales of consumer appliances through online sales are likely to register a CAGR of 4% during the forecast period.

FMI’s business intelligence offers an incisive outlook on competitive scenario of consumer appliances market by discussing key strategies adopted by the players. The market shows a high level of fragmentation, with a large number of regional and local players restricting the geographical expansion of international companies. Prominent players are thus focusing on strategic collaborations and joint ventures for increased production capacities and enhanced customer base.