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Climate change has sure affected the earth and its residents adversely. Apart from all the major problems it has caused, there is another side effect that the Australian population faces – harsh UV rays of the sun. It heats up your homes and offices forcing you to consume more energy in maintaining the inside temperature. Eco Tinting brings a sustainable solution for this growing concern about saving energy and maintaining a green lifestyle.
Instead of consuming more and more energy, the easy way out is tinting your home and office windows with UV ray safe window films. It is a green solution for saving energy costs. Eco Tinting’s professional window tinting technology reduces heat, glare and UV rays in your homes and offices and increases the energy efficiency of buildings. This company facilitates commercial window tinting in Sydney that can help keep your offices and homes cooler in summers. With its installation, the windows reflect between 60 – 80 % percent of solar heat and 99% of harmful UV rays. They use multi-layered plastic sheet solar window films that contain powerful reflectors like silver and bronze. The window films are available in different shades and colors depending upon the percentage of heat and glare reduction you desire and blocking UV rays to stop fading on floors, furniture and fabrics.
Eco tinting excels in office window tinting and residential window tinting. Their latest window film technology is cost effective with services tailored to suit your busy schedule. The American standard independently tested window films are certified by numerous international organizations for their quality, safety and affordability. In addition to that, they come with a guaranteed manufacturer’s warranty for residential and commercial installations. Being an eco-friendly and environmentally aware company, they recycle all their plastic and cardboard products. Their expertise in window film products and applications will assist you in getting a customized service that you need. Their product variety is listed to suit customer’s all needs like safety and security film giving you a bullet proof and shatter proof quality, frosted privacy film, horizon warm copper film, moonlight privacy film, natural films and high-performance reflection films. Save your energy consumption bills, by lowering your footprint and reducing Australia’s carbon emission by installing Eco Tinting’s window films. For getting superior quality window films installed with their eco friendly solutions, you can visit their website.
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