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Panerai watches began their journey right before the outbreak of the Second World War. In 1936, the enterprise came up with the idea of the Radiomir, the watch that would change the course of future for the Italian origin watchmaker. At that time, of course, no one knew what the brand was heading towards. The design won the order from the Italian Navy and set the path straight for Panerai for the next few decades. In 1950, Panerai came up with the Luminor, a slightly modified timepiece that consisted of a new illuminant, ‘Luminor’.

The Panerai Lunimor – A Total Game Changer

The Panerai brand launched Luminor with an idea to improvise on the Radiomir. The watch was extremely tough, sturdy, and followed a strict military-style design pattern. The timepiece successfully retained the cushion case, the large crown, the time indices, the font, and the sandwich dial. What Panerai watches for men did add were the newly patented crown guard and the newly invented illuminant. The said crown guard is still seen in all Luminor 1950 models with the terms ‘Reg.’ and ‘T.M.’ engraved on it.
Today, the Haute Horlogerie markets are way different than what they used to be in the past. This can be easily inferred by the fact that these watches from Panerai were a flop back in 1993 when they were officially released to the public. Before this, the Panerai Luminor and the Mare Nostrum watches were only available to the Marine Militare, the post-war Italian Navy.
So, what kind of influence do these watches have on the modern luxury watches business? The answer, a tad complicated though, can be simply explained in a brief study.


Panerai watches surely have a taste for style. The brand has stuck to one single design pattern throughout its existence and so far, it has done wonders for the watchmaker. The cushion case, the sandwich dial, the luminescent time markers, and the pencil hour and minute hands, all have helped put together a brilliant watch.


As far as size is concerned, Officine Panerai is definitely not the only one that has invested in large watches. Names like IWC and Breitling do come to mind. But at the end of the day, it cannot be denied that Panerai watches did have an impact on the collective mindset of the industry that favoured smaller watches.


If there is one thing that Panerai gained from the Richemont acquisition, it is intensive marketing. The brand was nowhere on the world map, and then suddenly everything was all about Panerai Luminor and Radiomir.
The watchmaker has, without an ounce of doubt, affected the Haute Horlogerie industry in many ways. In the future, it remains to be seen if it can continue this good word and contribute the way it always has.

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