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The UK-based online training program helps cyclists reach their goals through a convenient and flexible online training program that adapts weekly based on their progress.

[UNITED KINGDOM, 31/07/2019] – Vitfor provides online training programs to any type of cyclists, from novice to advanced, to help them reach their goals. The intelligent and flexible training software program is developed to give cyclists an edge over their friends, training partners and competitors.

A Better Training Program

Cyclists can use Vitfor to set their weekly training schedule according to their training availability, event goals, daily metrics and training session feedback. The schedule gets more flexible and adaptable as they train.

Cyclists who want to use Vitfor have to follow these processes:

• Sign up process – this stage will determine the cyclists’ training goals, availability and current fitness. The software calculates their first week of training and develops weekly as they continue training.

• Start of training – cyclists have to enter their session feedback and add their Garmin data if available. They can use the 12-week overview to see the development of their training based on their goals and progress.

• Adapt training sessions – the software adjusts to match cyclists’ weekly progress. Taking six monthly progress tests helps them track their long term performance.

Vitfor combines the latest ideas in sports physiology and computing power.
Other perks of using the software include:
• Unlimited program amendments
• Tailors cyclists’ training for key events
• A monthly, cancel anytime contract

Run by Athletes

Vitfor users train with experts online. The team behind the software combines the knowledge and experience of cyclists, runners and triathletes. They are on hand seven days a week, so cyclists can get the most from their training program.

The software allows cyclists to manage their training to fit their busy lifestyle. As such, they can skip a day’s worth of training or shuffle their weekly schedule.

About Vitfor

Vitfor is a training software program designed for runners, cyclists and duathletes. The program learns about its users as they train, making it available for anyone. It is a product of combined training expertise and geek-level technical expertise of the training experts. They developed the program for over five years.

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