Toowoomba’s stump home owners feel their home design limits their décor options. However, weatherboard home designs are easy to execute. The following points may offer some insight.

31st July 2019, Toowoomba

As far as modern home building trends go, weatherboard homes remain a niche favourite, for their lightweight constructions and sustainable home design. Weatherboard homes represent a mixture of coastal and country-style home architecture, with timber acting as the most predominantly used raw material for the build. If you are a homeowner with a stump house in Toowoomba, then you know that the stereotype is true!

How to design your stump home gorgeously?

Most stump homeowners share the same misgiving that all stump homes inevitably end up looking the same, both on the outside and the inside. Customers must work with the home builders to create a unique external home design they want. It gets trickier when you move to design the interior of a weatherboard home. Rote the following tips to make weatherboard home interior design and decor easier:

i. Decide on the paint last

Weatherboard homes are all about spacious home building. With such generous space, it is natural for one to fill up their home with furniture and decorations. However, arranging your home furniture after you paint can complicate matters; there is a fair chance of smudging the paint and spoiling your furniture surfaces.

A typical 2-3 BHK stump house in Toowoomba takes a good number of days to finish drying, so it is best to decide on the paint last. It also helps you decide which room looks best in what colour.

ii. Intuitive colouring

Most weatherboard homeowners tend to settle for muted, earthy colour tones; while these colours do promote country home design and décor, they are not unique any more. New stump home decors feature trendy play of different shades of the same colour. Some stump homeowners use white to lend the impression of spaciousness to a room.

iii.    Flooring design

As mentioned above, modern weatherboard homes feature a lot of sustainable home design practices. In this regard, homeowners can go ahead with wooden hardwood flooring designs to give their stump home a natural look. Most wooden flooring businesses of today use recycled wood for a standard flooring job, so cost should not be a factor.

iv. Decoration

Old European-style artwork is your safest bet when it comes to decorating a stump home. To complete that old, country charm of your house, you can find reproductions of classical paintings as well for a reasonable price. Statuettes and show pieces do not look very compatible with a weatherboard home.

v. Embellishment

If the interior design and décor still do not make you happy, then you can also throw in a rug or carpet for added measure. Draw the attention of your guests to the lounge area by placing a rug or mat under the seating arrangement. Modern weatherboard homes feature hunting trophies, memorabilia and paintings for the complete look.

So, sprucing up your weatherboard home is not rocket science. All you need is a little bit of imagination.