VidlyTube is an alternative other than YouTube. The Platform helps people to share videos as well as earn money from it.

Video becomes one of the most powerful media on the internet. Internet users often watch, download, and even share videos. One of the platforms for watching, downloading, and sharing videos is VidlyTube. This platform is developed to give free videos to internet users. The users can watch their favorite videos streaming. It is also possible to download the videos and watch later. Interestingly, the members of this platform can share their videos whether it is a professional, semi-professional, or amateur video. The idea is that they have an online platform to share their works.

VidlyTube is developed as a YouTube alternative. This platform is designed with some features to make the users easy to use it. There are a variety of videos and they are classified into several categories such as comedy, how-to & style, music, pets and animals, film and animation, gaming, people and blogs, and many more. It is easy to check the most popular videos because the platform also has top video and trending features. There are also popular channels feature to know the members who share videos regularly. The difference between VidlyTube and YouTube is that this platform has movies and article features. The movie feature is designed for those who love to watch movies online. Besides watching videos, the users can also read some valuable articles based on the categories.

Just like the tagline of the platform, VidlyTube is a free video hosting where the users can stream, download, upload, share, or import videos for free. Even, there is a possibility that the users can earn money from the platform. Along with the popularity of making money from the internet, this platform wants to join to give the internet users a chance to earn money by making videos. The users can work anywhere and anytime they want and also decide the way they develop the channel. After the channel becomes more popular, the owner can join the video monetization program. This is a program where the members can monetize their channel and videos. This online video platform has a video advertising platform where the users can get money by showing advertising in their video. Business owners or companies can also advertise their products and service in in-video ads and the ads will appear in the popular videos. Just like what the CEO of this platform, M.Shoaib Anwar said that he wants to help the internet users go stream videos for free. He also wants to give an alternative if the users can’t use YouTube.

About VidlyTube:

VidlyTube is developed by M. Shoaib Anwar and it is an online platform where the users can stream, download, share, or import videos. It works similar to YouTube. The users can earn money from sharing videos and also advertise their products and services.

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Name : M.Shoaib Anwar

Address : Shorkot Cantt, Punjab, Pakistan

Phone : +923115066967