Chestnuts are one of the best natural detergents. Here we will learn with liox cleaners & laundry how to make it at home.

Make chestnut liquid detergent yourself and wash clothes:

Why can you wash with chestnuts?

Chestnuts are not only beautiful but also a great detergent.

How to wash clothes with chestnuts?

Fresh chestnuts are soft and can be cut with a knife.

For a washing machine load you need:

5 – 8 chestnuts with shell (quarter, or better, eighth)

300 ml of water, hot

5 – 8 hours soaking time

1 small sieve

Maybe 2 – 3 drops of fragrance oil

1 teaspoon washing soda (for water softening for strongly calcareous water)

We just washed our chestnuts, because we use laundry detergent with bleach for light clothes. For light lingerie, it is also recommended to remove the thin brown skin of the chestnuts. We washed at 40 ° C and the laundry has become perfectly clean.

So you mince the chestnuts to wash with it.

That’s how it’s done:

Put the chopped chestnuts, they may also be a much smaller size in a screw-top jar, fill with hot water and soak for 1-5 hours.

You will receive your homemade liquid detergent:

Aspirate the chestnut liquid detergent directly onto the laundry in the washing machine or the washing powder compartment of your washing machine.

Add washing soda and possibly scented oil and wash your laundry as usual. The liquid detergent prepared in this way can only be stored for about 2 -3 days. Not just decoration! – You can do laundry with chestnuts. Chestnuts can be washed all year round when you are stocking up.

The washing result: advantages and disadvantages when washing with chestnuts:


– The laundry is clean, smells are removed and the laundry smells neutral.

– Even without a fabric softener, the clothes are pleasantly soft after washing and are therefore easier to iron.


– Persistent stains, such as blood and red wine, are allegedly not removed.

– Addendum: My washing results for red wine and chocolate stains with chestnut detergent can be found here.

More planning is needed as the chestnuts have to move:

If you want to wash bright linen with chestnuts, you have to spend a little more time, because the chestnuts have to be peeled for this.

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