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The golden-ness of an English Golden Retriever is not limited to its coat color. This dog breed is truly one of the all-time bests. It is dependable, easy to train, loving and loyal dog, which makes it any body’s best friend. If you’re looking to add one such loyal member to your family, Goldwynns is raising a complete healthy Golden retriever puppy that you can take home.

At GoldWynns, breeders put all they have into breeding and raising the highest caliber English Cream Golden Retriever puppies for families and individuals to love. It is of greatest importance to them that your puppy lives a long, bringing you company, healthy life, delight, faithfulness, and the ability to give no matter what you are looking for in a dog. They carefully grow puppies to have the greatest health, traits, temperament, and reliability.

Goldwynns has won several awards and accolades as the best cream colored golden retriever breeders, but for them, the mark that they leave on the hearts of the new parents of their puppies is the best of all.

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