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Ecosmob’s hosted IP PBX solution development brings extreme customization to the table and this leads to improved performance, ease of use and reduced load on infrastructure.
Ecosmob, specialists in custom VoIP development, announced availability of hosted IP PBX solution development services for service providers, carriers and businesses worldwide. “The market is already saturated with IP PBX solutions and we expect to challenge the competition with our innovative and radical hosted IP PBX solution, said the VP.

Elaborating on the custom IP PBX solution he stated it has all the standard features of modern IP PBX. These include call return, routing, phone book, transfers, configurable routing rules and 3 way conference facilities. Then there is music on hold, voice mail, multi-level IVR and direct inward dialing. Ecosmob’s hosted IP PBX also includes call park, multi-tenant support, integrated billing and multi-lingual support.

Ecosmob hosted IP PBX solution stands out in several ways. One is the hosted multi-tenant enterprise grade feature. That makes it perfect for service providers wishing to offer IP PBX as a service to existing business customers and rope in new customers. It is just as suitable for enterprises with operations in several geographic locations. Each tenant is accounted individually as regards calls and as regards billing. Several technical innovations have gone into making this a scalable IP PBX solution that can handle voluminous concurrent calls with none of the features that plague VoIP telephony. There are issues of codecs and protocol compatibility that could lead to loss of audio clarity and all these have been addressed in the current iteration. Security is another matter that has received special consideration in the hosted IP PBX solution development. Since it is software based it is trivial for service providers or for a business to set up the IP PBX in less than an hour and make it operational for any user location. Add mobility to this and the versatility of Ecosmob IP PBX enhances productivity at work. Yet another outstanding feature is total reliability regardless of the load. The hosted IPPBX simply works day in and day out with no outages or disruptions or degradation of call quality.

Service providers and businesses will find hosted IP PBX solution the perfect match for their business model. Ecosmob sets it up and takes care of maintenance, ongoing support and future upgrades. There is no upfront investment and investment in hardware is minimal. Administrators have an easy to use control panel through which they can configure permissions and set rates as well as monitor activity. Startups can opt for bare-bones IP PBX and add modular features such as IVR and WebRTC for audio-video conference as they go along. Ecosmob can customize IP PBX to suit large scale operators like VoIP service providers and telecom carriers to suit their business model.

More details can be obtained by phoning Ecosmob on 91 79 40054019, 1-303-997-3139 or by engaging in live chat on