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If you are visiting Hobart, then do not go back without trying these seafood delicacies. Walk into any reputed seafood diner such as Mures, and be greeted by the aroma of exotic, cooked fish delicacies.

31st July 2019, Battery Point, Hobart

If you have a taste for marine cuisine, then Hobart’s Battery Point will not disappoint you. No one can merely stop with Fish and Chips in Hobart. The coastal town of Battery Point is home to a flourishing seafood trade that captures a wide range of exotic species of fish and other consumable marine creatures. These fisheries are the primary source of inventory for Hobart’s best seafood restaurants. So, you can certainly expect more than the staple fish and chips when you walk into a seafood restaurant in Hobart!

What rare seafood delicacies will you find in Hobart?

The waters that surround Battery Point in Hobart are home to Perches, Grenadiers and oysters that are caught by experienced fishers such as Mures fishmongers in Tasmania. Some of the mouth-watering, lip-smacking seafood delicacies that you can find here in Hobart’s seafood diners are:

  • Crumbed blue grenadier fish burger

The Blue Grenadier is native to the waters of Hobart. However, they are rare and exotic because you will seldom find them anywhere else. The crumbed Blue Grenadier burger is a specialty at the best seafood restaurants of Hobart.

The appetisingly cooked fish is served on Turkish bread called ‘pide’, along with ingredients such as red onion, lime and coriander aioli, tomatoes, etc. Miss out on this delicacy at your own risk!

  • Oysters Kilpatrick

Oysters Kilpatrick is another seafood gem that is hard to find on a menu anywhere else. The nutritious and flavourful dish comprises of unique sauces and bacon. You can expect house sauces to accompany your oyster when you order an Oyster Kilpatrick at the best restaurants here. So do not draw the line with just fish and chips in Hobart.

iii.    Blue-eye Trevalla and chips

Fish and chips may be a typical dish at most seafood restaurants, but the choice of fish matters. The Blue-eye Trevalla is a rare find, and you will rarely come across fried, line-caught Trevalla anywhere else, but the seafood restaurants in Hobart. The dish is a signature menu highlight of the Mures lower deck diner, operated by the reputed Mures fishmongers of Tasmania.

  • Mures Smoked Salmon Pide

A Turkish dish made with a Tasmanian spin, the Mures Smoked Salmon Pide is another savoury, seafood dish that you have to order if you walk into the lower deck of the diner operated by the famous fishery. The smoked salmon tastes magnificent when you take a bite with some toasted pide. The cream cheese and avocado help bring out the richness of the salmon’s taste. Expect lemon and dill on the side as a good palate cleanser.

  • Captain Cook’s basket

Another must-try for the seafood lovers is Captain Cook’s Basket, which is another signature at the venue mentioned above. Named after the famous seafarer Captain Cook, the basket boasts of assorted seafood items such as fish fingers, assorted seafood bites, and squid. Enjoy the succulent squid with a serving of chips on the side.

So, if you call yourself a seafood aficionado then do not forget to try these delicacies of the Tasmanian Pacific.