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The British rugby magazine provides fun and interesting news about the sport, teaching and entertaining boys and girls who play and are massive fans of the sport.

[UNITED KINGDOM, 31/07/2019] – BeRugby updates children with the latest news and facts about rugby. The magazine aims to provide help, advice and support through its website and connect people in mini and junior rugby.

Keeping Youth Rugby Players and Fans Updated

BeRugby magazine has a section called Youth Rugby News, which contains stories about the sport that kids would find interesting. Coaches and parents would also learn from such stories that they can use to encourage their children to enhance their skills.

The Youth Rugby News section also provides readers with information on different rugby activities that kids can attend. They can also read stories about foundations that the rugby community supports. The magazine wants to show readers that rugby is not only about top clubs and international games, but it also raises funds to support charities.

Readers can also find inspiring stories, in prose or poetry, from other rugby players and fans. They can share personal rugby stories through an essay or a poem, as well.

A Suitable Gift

BeRugby says the magazine is an ideal gift for children who love rugby. Parents or guardians can give them on any occasion, from birthdays to holidays. They can subscribe to the magazine, which provides the following options:

• Option one: 12-month subscription with free postage and package (P&P)
• Option two: “Taster” or a six-month subscription with free P&P
• Option three: A single copy of BeRugby magazine

The magazine delivers within the UK only. Subscribers may also pre-order the BeRugby’s Rugby World Cup 2019 souvenir magazine.

About BeRugby

BeRugby is a monthly magazine designed for rugby mad children. It features exciting rugby facts and photos. The magazine is fun as well as educational to read, with its nutrition sections, games and puzzles. It also supports and promotes youth rugby for girls and boys.

Readers will also learn BeRugby’s core values that include teamwork, respect, enjoyment, discipline and sportsmanship.

Visit the BeRugby website today to discover more.