Tris Imboden, Former Drummer for Chicago and Kenny Loggins, Launches Yacht Rock Band. Tris Imboden Yacht Stars is a World Class Group of Musicians.

 Individually, each musician is known for their recordings and live performances over each of their careers. Tris Imboden is responsible for playing drums on the universally known hit song “Footloose” which sold over nine million copies, won a Grammy Award, and was nominated for an Academy Award. Additionally, he recorded most of Kenny Loggins’ hits that are considered “essential” in the Yacht Rock genre. Imboden also recorded with Chicago, Bill Champlin, Richard Marx, Firefall, Gary Wright, Jay Ferguson, and others. Imboden was a member of the band Chicago for nearly thirty years, Kenny Loggins for 12 years and is the proud recipient of over 35 Gold and Platinum Records.

The band includes such greats as Michael Paulo on Saxophone and Keys, Bruce Boulanger on guitar, Alan Deremo on bass, Monty Seward on Keys and vocals and Jeff Gunn on lead vocals. Collectively they recorded with, toured with, or wrote music with a long list of Yacht Rock Artists. A prerequisite to being in the band is that everyone must have contributed to making Yacht Rock back in the day.

“I am very proud of these musicians,” stated Tris Imboden. “We go way back and to meet again on stage is epic. I’m thrilled to see our first show opening up.”

For more information, contact or call 619-995-1852.

Note to editors

Imboden available for interview.

Tris Imboden Yacht Stars

Mary Montiel




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Fairview HK Limited to Attend Multiple Conferences in Montreal in June 2022

 International Conference on Business, Accounting, Financial, Marketing and Management Analytics ICBAFMMA on June 14-15, 2022.

The conference will cover: Big data, Big data analytics, Social media analytics, Accounting analytics, Financial analytics, Marketing analytics, Management analytics, Business analytics, Supply chain analytics, Operations management analytics, and Descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics.

International Conference on Financial Asset Management ICFAM on June 14-15, 2022

The conference will cover: Financial asset management, Advanced maintenance strategies, Big data analytics for engineering asset management, Asset and maintenance management, Asset valuations and financial management, International standards for financial asset management, Planning and scheduling in financial asset management, Policy, regulations, practices and standards for financial asset management, Strategic asset management for sustainable business, Technologies for asset data management, Portfolio modelling and rebalancing, Pre- and post-trade compliance, Order management, Performance measurement and attribution, Compliance with regulations, Client, regulatory and internal reporting and Data management.

Organized by the World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology, which is a federated organization dedicated to bringing together a significant number of diverse scholarly events for presentation within the conference program.

The conferences offer the perfect opportunity to establish a regular presence at such events for Fairview HK Limited as it looks to expand its international presence.

About Fairview HK Limited:

Fairview HK Limited is one of the foremost privately owned Asia-Pacific orientated, boutique wealth management firms in Hong Kong. As a wealth and investment planning company with a strong history of delivering a high level of client service, expert advice and outstanding investment performance, they offer their services to a selected group of families, family offices, institutions and fund managers.

Fairview HK Limited

Jenie Ang

+852 456 999818



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Southington, CT Junk Removal Company Saves Local Animals

 Junk Bear, a junk removal company in Southington, CT, picks up junk and disposes of unwanted junk for its customers. Loading up the truck is just another day of the week for their crew. However, what one might not expect is that Junk Bear has branched out from junk removal and has stumbled into the realm of animal welfare, as well.

During a junk removal job, Junk Bear employees were surprised to find not just garbage, but an abandoned litter of kittens. What had once been a normal appointment suddenly became a kitten rescue operation. The kittens were brought back to Junk Bear’s headquarters, where they were fed, warmed up, and given a comfortable place to sleep. Junk Bear was also kind enough to find homes for each of them, too.

From the owner, Robert Paradis:

“We were in our capitol city of Hartford, CT doing a job for a property manager. The pile of junk was outside near abandoned cars. The team members were startled a bit and immediately worried about the baby kittens that weren’t more than 2-3 weeks old. The mother was not in the area as we tried looking for her. The day we found them it was very windy, in the 40s, and it was going to rain later on in the evening. We put them in a crate with padding, put them in the cab of the truck, finished the job, and in between dumping and the next job, dropped them off at my house, where my wife and mother-in-law could look after them until we had a plan. We are weighing them every week to make sure they are gaining weight while we nourish them. We have two Junk Bear employees who will adopt 2 of the 4, my daughter may adopt 1, and I already have dozens of requests on Facebook for the 4th. We plan to take care of them for about 8 weeks until they are stronger.”

“Thank you for taking care of these precious fur babies,” a commenter on Junk Bear’s Facebook account said. Others chimed in, laying their claims on kittens to adopt.

Junk Bear has taken on dog rescue, too. One of their customers brought on the crew to help them clean out junk before moving out of their house. During this appointment, Junk Bear learned that the customer could not bring their dog, Mihlo, along for the move. To spare the dog a stay at the animal shelter, a pet-friendly Junk Bear employee, Nick was happy to adopt Mihlo and give him a home.

Junk Bear has even done some wildlife rescue. When cleaning the junk out of an old shed, company staff found a mother raccoon with her two infants. Even though they were startled, the Junk Bear crew was able to relocate the raccoons and keep them safe during the shed clean out process.

Thanks to the efforts of Junk Bear and the community, these animal rescue stories all ended happily. It just goes to show that even when living through day-to-day life, anyone has a chance to make a positive impact.

Junk Bear

Robert Paradis

(860) 517-9872


Mihlo the Dog

Mihlo the Dog

Mihlo the adopted dog in the cabin of a Junk Bear truck.



A Junk Bear employee holding a crate of abandoned kittens in Hartford, CT.

Kittens Close-up

Kittens Alt

Kittens Alt

The rescued kittens under a heat lamp in the home of Junk Bear owner, Robert Paradis.



Baby raccoons that were discovered during a shed clean out and safely relocated.


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NuvOx Pharma Announces Issuance of a New Patent

 NuvOx Pharma has been issued US Patent No. 11,304,899, entitled “Compositions of fluorocarbon nanoemulsion, and methods of preparation and use thereof.”

Evan Unger, MD, President and CEO of NuvOx, an inventor on the patent said, “We are pleased to receive this patent. This patent contains composition of matter claims covering perfluorohexane emulsions that can be used for oxygen-based therapeutics. Our current clinical programs are based on dodecafluoropentane emulsion (DDFPe, aka NanO2TM). Issuance of this patent covers another active pharmaceutical formulation which is useful for developing other products.”

Nina Ossanna, PhD, Senior VP of Strategy for NuvOx, said, “Award of this patent broadens NuvOx’s extensive patent portfolio of perfluorocarbon-based therapeutic formulations to reverse hypoxia – the major cause of death and morbidity in the US. We plan on developing a differentiated suite of products to treat life threatening conditions where hypoxia plays a role.” Dr. Ossanna was formerly a patent examiner at the US Patent Office and Director of Tech Transfer at Johns Hopkins Medical School.

About NuvOx Pharma

NuvOx Pharma is a privately held Phase IIb ready company developing a novel oxygen thera-peutic where hypoxia plays a role. Hypoxia, or low oxygen, is responsible for resistance to can-cer treatment, brain damage in stroke, and the death of COVID-19 patients with acute respira-tory distress syndrome (ARDS).

The Company’s lead drug – NanO2TM represents a disruptive platform technology addressing multiple highly unmet needs, with positive clinical efficacy demonstrated in two completed Phase Ib/II studies: in glioblastoma multiforme as a radiosensitizer and in stroke as a neuropro-tectant. It was shown to be the most effective oxygen therapeutic among 78 clinical-stage com-pounds. It has safety and efficacy data in 7+ indications in various clinical stages, including Or-phan Drug Designation for both glioblastoma multiforme and sickle cell disease.

The product was derived from Dr. Evan Unger’s pioneering work in microbubbles, which was commercialized as the #1 selling contract agent. As such, it has safety data in 2,000+ subjects. The product is designed to be synergistic, rather than competitive with standard of care. The company also has a strong IP portfolio: 8 Patent Families; 6 issued US patents and 8 pending US applications. Regulated as Biologics, it confers 12 years of exclusivity.

FDA has allowed a Phase IIb trial as a radiosensitizer in treatment of primary brain cancer, glio-blastoma, and a Phase IIb trial for NanO2 in treatment of acute ischemic stroke.

Company Contact:

NuvOx Pharma

Dr. Evan Unger, CEO

Rong Wang, COO/CFO

Investor Contact:

Rong Wang T: 520.624.6688


NuvOx Pharma

Evan Unger

(520) 624-6688



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Daniela Compton Promoted to Senior Account Manager at RT Specialty

 Daniela Compton has been promoted to senior account manager within RT Specialty’s Environmental and Construction Professional Practice (RT ECP). Since joining the team in 2018, she has continually supported the successful new business, marketing, sales and coverage assessment efforts of the company’s senior executive team.

“Daniela’s positive attitude, work ethic, drive and willingness to help others has made her integral to the efforts that have greatly grown our business and established RT ECP as one of the prominent leaders within the industry,” said Jeff Slivka, President, RT ECP. “She has also repeatedly impressed our staff and business partners with the ability to not only answer complex questions with knowledge and resourcefulness, but also guide our retail agent and broker customers toward competitive risk management solutions. This promotion is certainly deserving for Daniela’s four years of hard work and daily commitment to excellence.”

Prior to joining RT Specialty, Compton held numerous supervisory positions within the hospitality industry. A resident of Hamilton, NJ, she holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Rider University in Lawrenceville, NJ and recently received her Associate in Risk Management (ARM) designation.

Compton can be contacted through RT Specialty’s Hamilton, NJ-based offices at 609.528.3912 or

About RT Environmental & Construction Professional

RT Environmental and Construction Professional (RT ECP) is a part of the RT Specialty division of RSG Specialty, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company based in Illinois. RSG Specialty, LLC, is a subsidiary of Ryan Specialty Group, LLC. RT ECP provides wholesale insurance brokerage and other services to agents and brokers. RT ECP does not solicit insurance from the public. Some products may only be available in certain states, and some products may only be available from surplus lines insurers. In California: RSG Specialty Insurance Services, LLC (License # 0G97516). © 2022 Ryan Specialty Group, LLC

RT Environmental & Construction Professional Practice

Sheryl Barr