HeatCable.com sells supplies for roof and gutter heat trace cable systems. The company is debuting a HeatCable. com YouTube channel to teach DIY homeowners and contractors how to install these systems.

Heat trace cable systems can keep roofs from accumulating precipitation that can freeze into destructive ice dams in the winter. Now, HeatCable.com, an e-store for gutter and roof heating equipment, is making these systems more accessible with a YouTube channel that teaches homeowners and contractors the ins and outs of installation.

“Thousands of ice dam disasters could be prevented every year if more people would invest in heat trace cable,” said Eric Wimmer, president of HeatCable.com. “We know that people may feel intimidated by the heat cable installation process so we’re trying to eliminate that barrier to entry with our DIY videos.”

Heat cable installation is typically considered the domain of electricians, and while many are well-equipped to install it, a skilled DIY-er can get heat cable working on their roof with the right instruction.

“This is pretty niche information, and we weren’t able to find a one-stop-shop for getting installation help,” said Wimmer. “We want to be that central hub of information so that people can get all of the installation instruction they need in one place rather than having to cherry pick from dozens of different websites or YouTube channels.”

The YouTube channel, known as HeatCable. com, is bringing heat cable installation information to the masses. The videos, created by Wimmer, share information about electrical requirements for installing heat cable, how-to’s for installing thermostat controllers, common installation mistakes to avoid, secrets to choosing the most durable heat cable products, heat cable placement, and more.

Wimmer hopes that the videos will be as useful for a homeowner installing or maintaining their heat cable system as they will be for contractors equipping clients in their area with heat cable for their roofs or gutters.

“The damage to roofs during winter can be devastating. We’ve seen chunks of ice forming and falling off, damaging people and animals below. We’ve seen the weight of ice dams obliterate roofs and also moisture from the ice dams infiltrate roofs and cause tens of thousands of dollars in damage,” said Wimmer. “The more we can do to get this technology to the masses, the less stress and strain and flat out danger American homeowners are going to have to deal with.”

To see Heat Cable’s inventory, including top-of-the-line Drexan multi-trace heat cable, or to watch their YouTube channel for DIY-ers and contractors, visit HeatCable.com or call (801) 896-8960.

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HeatCable.com is the go-to place for your gutter snow melting systems. They offer a wide array of high-quality ice dam prevention products such as trace heating controllers, heat trace cable thermostats, Drexan heat cables, and many more.