An exemplary protagonist returns but with more obstacles than ever.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – WEBWIRE

Fresh from the nail-biting ending in book four, “The Girl Who Cloned Lightning”, Cliff Ratza delivers a fifth installment to his Lightning Brain Series in “The Girl Who Sparks the Singularity.”

Electra Kittner is back, but at what cost? After surviving a rogue terrorist attack in the Middle East, she returns to DC with two new friends: one is a tiny orphan girl named Qama, and an emergent phenomenon from her AI software—a Singularity that calls itself Indira. 

As both orphan and Singularity enrich Electra’s life, this moment of calm is easily shadowed with the harrowing loom of an unknown threat—this time a hacker who leaks critical information for all the world to see.

With her resolve slowly cracking down, can this extraordinary heroine face the ongoing threat of rogue terrorists sowing fear and discord?

Cliff Ratza is an established businessman, professor, and author. He has multiple degrees in mathematics, physics, business. and computer science, all while extensively writing throughout his career.

Rare Books Media endorses this project to the American Foundation for the Blind. They recommend getting a copy of the book in audiobook format, so readers with various disabilities may enjoy this colorful tale worth sharing.

“The Girl Who Sparked the Singularity” by Cliff Ratza

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