MYKE Technologies manufactures a large series of stainless-steel Clamps, Stands, and Spigots used widely in glass pool fencing, railings, home balustrades, or any handrails needing a strong secure installation. These clamps and stands are high-quality to facilitate intense applications, including heavy-duty applications.

MYKE Technologies’ stainless-steel clamps, stands and spigot products are manufactured to precision with fine finishing of mirror-polish or ring-brushing. This finishing improves both aesthetic and functional upkeep benefits. Most of this range of products is made from high-grade stainless steel the Duplex 2205 (UNS S32205) stainless steel is available in ferritic and austenitic classes. The selection of these materials provides excellent corrosion resistance while delivering exceptional strength needed in this demanding facility.

MYKE Technologies’ range of 2205 Duplex products includes Clamps, Bracket Mounts, Spigot Stands, and many more.

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About MYKE Technologies:

MYKE Technologies’ Metal Division manufactures steel castings, stamped-metal parts and other casting and machining products.

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