Society Pass (SoPa) Launches Society Pass (Beta Version)/Society Points Targeted at the “Digital First” Southeast Asia Region

Society Pass Incorporated (SoPa) (Nasdaq: SOPA), Southeast Asia’s leading data-driven loyalty and e-commerce ecosystem, today announces the launch of the beta version of its universal, open-loop loyalty application, Society Pass, to earn and redeem loyalty points, Society Points, endeavouring to create permanent customer loyalty and replace cash discounting whilst generating additional revenues for merchants.
Prospective consumers and merchants can now download the beta version of Society Pass either on:

– Apple Store ( ) or
– Google Play ( ).

Digital loyalty programs are key to customer retention within highly competitive verticals and now call for interconnected experiences more than ever. E-commerce shoppers demand multiple touchpoints to purchase goods and services, earn redeem loyalty points, and refer friends with frictionless ease. Society Pass’ multi-brand ecosystem allows consumers to earn and redeem points at numerous types of retailers, whilst facilitating a unified approach to customer rewards and incentives for merchants.

SoPa management expects to finetune and integrate the beta version of its loyalty platform with selected groups of consumers and merchants in Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, and Singapore in 2H 2022. With the view of hard launching the loyalty platform in 4Q 2022, at such time, users can pay for goods and services in-store, in-app or online. Society Pass’ digital wallet allows users to pay for goods and services by scanning QR Codes and making payments via credit card, debit card, or Society Points. SoPa aims to provide an easy and convenient online e-commerce shopping experience, with a single UI/UX that integrates with all the businesses within its ecosystem.

Dennis Nguyen, Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of SoPa comments on the launch of the beta version of Society Pass, “The Southeast Asian retail sector is at the cusp of a massive transformation powered by the data driven meta economy. We designed a gorgeous user interface backed by sophisticated backend end infrastructure to kickstart a virtuous cycle of revenue generation and loyalty creation, where Society Pass and Society Points generates more revenues for merchants by retaining existing customers, attracting new customers, reducing customer turnover and syncing customer data through real-time, personalised marketing campaigns. SoPa aggregates data across various touch points which builds a realistic view of consumer behaviour”.

“As we said in our IPO last November 2021, we introduce Society Pass in 2Q 2022 with the view of creating permanent customer loyalty for merchants by designing unique, personalised experiences consumers and make shopping even more rewarding across our family of brands. Our business strategy encourages cross-vertical shopping, ultimately keeping an increasing share of wallet within SoPa’s ecosystem. We are confident that our customers will redirect their spend to where they gain the most value: our loyalty program,” he adds.

About Society Pass

As a loyalty and data marketing ecosystem and focused on expanding its operations in the VIP + TS (Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, and Singapore) markets of SEA, SoPa is an acquisition-focused e-commerce holding company listed on Nasdaq (Nasdaq: SOPA) operating 8 interconnected verticals (loyalty, merchant software, lifestyle, F&B delivery, telecoms, digital media, travel, and F&B ordering) with connecting millions of consumers and thousands of merchants in SEA.

Society Pass business model focuses on analysing user data through with its Society Pass loyalty platform and circulation of its universal loyalty points or Society Points, which seamlessly connects consumers and merchants across multiple product and service categories to foster organic loyalty. Since its inception, SoPa has amassed over 1.6 million registered consumers and over 5,500 registered merchants/brands on its platform. It has invested 2+ years building proprietary IT architecture with cutting edge components to effectively scale and support its consumers, merchants, and acquisitions.

Society Pass provides merchants with #HOTTAB Biz and #HOTTAB POS – a specialized POS technology solution, a comprehensive system for payment, loyal customer management, user profile analytics, and convenient financial support packages for small and medium-sized enterprises.

In addition, SoPa operates, Vietnam’s leading lifestyle e-commerce platform,, a popular grocery delivery company in Philippines,, a leading online restaurant delivery service based in Hanoi, Vietnam, and Gorilla Networks, a Singapore-based, blockchain/web3-enabled mobile virtual network operator. For more information, please check out:

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Jedsy Launches New Malawi Drone Medical Delivery Mission Video on YouTube

 The Jedsy drone company is using groundbreaking technology to save lives all over the world. Medical supplies are critical to provide the proper care patients need. Many countries, like Malawi, do not have the road, air, and freight infrastructure to get to the life-saving medical supplies they need. Jedsy delivers life-saving supplies needed for blood banks, medicines, and vaccines when it matters most to save lives. Drone technology will help to alleviate the issues of on-time medical supply deliveries and more. Jedsy has opened the first drone office in Malawi in the north of the country. A team of seven builds and operates Jedsy drones independently and is constantly expanding its team due to the increased demand for deliveries.

Herbert Weirather, CEO of Jedsy, already founded his first drone company, DCL (Drone Champions League) in 2016, and in 2019, he understood the importance of fast drone deliveries with the best customer experience and from this need, he founded the new company, Jedsy.

Jedsy founder Herbert Weirather explains: “The demand for fast, secure and reliable deliveries is becoming increasingly important in our fast-paced society. Our approach at Jedsy is therefore always ‘Product is King’ and ‘Customer first.’ Therefore, our requirement for a delivery drone is to outperform the status quo. So, we managed to develop an advanced delivery drone because we can land and charge directly at the building (for example at the window or balcony). This way, our customers don’t have to free their packages from trees because they landed there by parachute, and they don’t need a garden where the drone can land. Open the window and get the parcel out! Nothing more.”

About Jedsy

Together with his co-founder, Mirko Cesena, Herbert Weirather has assembled a large team of experts and specialists in a short period of time to make the dreams of customer-friendly drone deliveries come true. Jedsy now has 5 branches and is currently reinventing the delivery drone experience 2.0. Thanks to a patented loading station, the drones operate in a decentralized network and are thus among the most cost-efficient delivery drones on the market.

Additional information about Jedsy can be found by visiting their websites and social media platforms.


Join Our YouTube – Jedsy

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TrialX Launches a DEI Toolkit Within iConnect Platform to Tackle Diversity Challenges in Clinical Trial Recruitment

 TrialX announced the launch of a new Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) toolkit in iConnect, an award-winning patient recruitment management platform. iConnect serves as a central system for patient recruitment operations at major pharmaceutical sponsors, large academic research centers and patient advocacy groups. The toolkit will have a wide ranging impact by bringing diversity and inclusion in the front and center of patient recruitment workflows.

Historically, minorities have been underrepresented in clinical trials. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration recently expanded its guidelines to improve diversity in clinical trials and increase participants from underrepresented populations in clinical trials. Language barriers are cited as one of the key reasons why potential participants feel reluctant to even start or continue their clinical trial journey.

“About 21% of the population in the US uses a language other than English. We believe that in order to develop trust it is important for patients to understand clinical trial information in their preferred language. With the new DEI toolkit, we aim to address the challenge of diversity by enabling sponsors and sites to create an end-to-end multilingual experience for patients in finding and expressing interest in a clinical trial,” says Sharib Khan, CEO, TrialX.

The DEI toolkit provides innovative mechanisms for sponsors and sites to serve the information needs of diverse populations. Using the toolkit, patient recruitment teams will be able to create study websites, pre-screeners and patient notifications in multiple languages, thereby expanding the potential reach of the study to a wide range of patient populations in different geographic regions and ethnic communities. Research sites can indicate the languages spoken by the study staff and potential participants can filter research sites based on their preferred language. Additionally, the iConnect volunteer registry provides the ability to collect race, ethnicity and preferred language information from volunteers and provides an outreach system to reach out to these volunteers based on these preferences and demographics. The patient recruitment operations team and study managers will be able to get real-time insights with the new Diversity Reporting dashboard that provides actionable insights for them to meet the diversity enrollment targets on time.

TrialX is committed to developing innovative patient-centric solutions to tackle the diversity challenges faced by the industry. If you are interested in learning more about the DEI toolkit and the iConnect patient recruitment platform, please contact us at


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Uvaro Launches Customer Success Management Course to Satisfy the Need for Talented and Empathetic CSMs in the Tech Sector

This new 4-week Customer Success Management course will help members understand common customer success processes, ensure customers are successful after a purchase, build relationships with clients and unite a customer success team through interactive lessons, role play, and individualized coaching sessions.

Kitchener, ON – WEBWIRE

The more we invest in our customers, the more we invest in the industry. Without a client, there is no product and so we want an inclusive network of Customer Success Managers to understand and relate to our client base. It just makes sense to invest in their training. ~Vince Bowry – Customer Success Advisor + Growth Coach

Uvaro continues to spread industry-wide career success by addressing the high demand for CSMs with their new Customer Success Management course.

When the Uvaro team noticed a lack of empathetic and well-rounded Customer Success Managers (CSMs) in the tech industry, they decided to build a course specifically made to give anyone the tools they need to understand a customer base and focus on solving long-term company needs thoughtfully and with compassion. This new 4-week Customer Success Management course will help members explain common sales processes, ensure everything runs smoothly after a purchase, build relationships with clientele and unite a customer success team through interactive lessons, roleplay, and individualized coaching sessions.

“The industry is looking for more empathetic communicators on the Customer Success side of things,” said Uvaro’s VP Engineering and Product Derek Hall, “Which is why we really put an emphasis on the human element of Customer Success. We’re looking to guide people towards being reflective and responsive mediators who can think critically about the industry. There’s a huge market for it

Derek’s evidence isn’t only anecdotal either. When reviewing Uvaro’s extensive job board last month, over 45k available listings were in the customer success realm and growing daily. The need for competent tech sales professionals is in high demand and with an annual expected income of approximately $65,000 or more, Uvaro’s promise to be “Your Career Success Company” couldn’t ring more true. They are looking for eager students ready to dominate the industry.

Growth Coach, Vince Bowry of Communitech was excited about what this course could mean for the bigger picture, saying “The more we invest in our customers, the more we invest in the industry. Without a client, there is no product and so we want an inclusive network of Customer Success Managers to understand and relate to our client base. It just makes sense to invest in their training.”

Uvaro’s instructors and guest speakers are experts who currently work in the industry today. This is part of the reason Uvaro’s courses remain relevant when it comes to curriculum. The upcoming Customer Success Management cohorts will be led through exercises that use real-world scenarios to help them relate to the material in an engaging way.

With 5 hours of weekly class time and 8 to 13 hours of weekly independent study and assignments, this course teaches the skills, processes, behaviors, and theories anyone needs to land their first role as a CSM. Expert instructors teach tips and tricks to run a Customer Success team effectively. Students will learn how to apply the specific communication, mentoring, organizational, and mediating skills necessary to succeed as a CSM, and will practice techniques needed to mentor, support, and grow the success of both customers and an organization itself. More importantly, they’ll learn how they might use these tools to become an empathetic mentor who guides and supports customers with integrity.

For more information about this course and to view the full course catalog please visit Uvaro’s website. When enrolling in any Uvaro course, members are also granted access to free on-demand video lessons, members-only skills workshops, webinars with a rotating list of incredible guest speakers, and the ability to book 1:1 coaching hours with industry experts.

About Uvaro

Uvaro is a career success company that aims to help members reach their career goals. Created hand-in-hand with experienced instructors who work in the field they teach, they guarantee that their courses stay relevant. Using Uvaro’s large employer network, 1:1 career coaching, and individualized job board, members are hired within 3 weeks of graduating, achieve 150% of onboarding sales targets, and often double their prior income. Their subscription model means students don’t pay tuition until they land a full-time job, increasing diversity among Uvaro’s talent pool and fighting the systemic inequality that stops many from joining the tech field.


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Director, Growth Marketing
(1) 647-223-8690

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Get Me Press Launches an Online PR Agency Focused on Startups and Founders

Get Me Press’ founders are excited to announce the launch of their online public relations agency, which will focus on startups and entrepreneurs.

To learn more about Get Me Press and the services they offer visit

The company’s mantra, according to a spokeswoman, is “We Tell Your Story Online.” The team of experts collaborates closely with their clients, writing, editing, and publishing their story in prominent online journals and industry publications.

“We understand that entrepreneurs and company founders have ideas, and we have the infrastructure to help them turn those ideas into published contributions in prominent online journals.”

“We understand that entrepreneurs and company founders have ideas, and we have the infrastructure to help them turn those ideas into published contributions in leading online journals. This is why Get Me Press focuses on startups and founders,” the spokesperson explained, adding that Get Me Press’ writers have extensive expertise writing for major magazines and understand how to effectively communicate their clients’ messages.

According to the spokesperson, advice and profile pieces are one of the most successful ways to boost a Google Search ranking by driving hundreds of visitors to a website. Online content, on the other hand, tend to stay online longer than social media links, resulting in free organic traffic.

Articles generate new SEO, which will aid in the development of a strong digital presence and a high search engine rank. These articles will generate free organic traffic while also providing backlinks and directing viewers to their clients’ websites.

According to the spokesperson, this publicity could provide a number of advantages, including the following:
– Supercharged SEO
– The entrepreneur’s name on page one, two and three of the google-news search engine,
– Increased brand visibility, credibility, and equity
– Inbound traffic and leads to content and offers will improve.
– Speaking engagements, capital investors, talent acquisition, and requests to be included in new online publications and podcasts are all exciting and unexpected prospects.

Get Me Press

Adrienne Greenwood and Michael Hall founded Get Me Press in 2022. They both have a diverse business expertise in strategic branding and communications, as well as creative digital marketing, and can advise their customers and brands on the best placements for their sector niche and budget. Please visit our website for additional information. Visit

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