Jamie’s book encourages readers to find ways to volunteer for the Lord.

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This book is a helpful tool for a church or college to make volunteers be God’s servants.

“Servants Heart from the voice of a volunteer” by Jamie Pulos-Fry will be displayed at The American Library Association (ALA) Annual Conference and Exhibition on June 23-27, 2022, at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center, Washington DC, USA.

This book talks about being the best volunteer that God wants His people to be by being faithful, serving others, and being a servant. “Servants Heart from the Voice of a Volunteer” discusses the importance of volunteering. While people may have various reasons and motives for volunteering, there are four fundamental benefits that they gain when they do so. They will be able to draw themselves closer to God, realize they are making a difference in other people’s lives, set a good example for their children, and grow individually.

The author wrote “Servants Heart from the Voice of a Volunteer” after noticing that the organization where she volunteered had several difficulties that needed to be addressed. Furthermore, Jamie had never read or seen a book about volunteering in a Christian setting, or anywhere else for that matter. She began researching it, and this book is the outcome of that research, which was conducted by a dedicated volunteer.

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“Servants Heart from the voice of a volunteer”

Author | Jamie Pulos-Fry

Genre | Religion & Spiritually

Publisher | Blurb

Published date | March 3, 2018


Jamie Pulos-Fry is a faithful member of Lancaster Baptist Church, Lancaster, California. She likes to serve and volunteer in various areas of the church. Served in the Coffee Shop and Bookstore for West Coast Baptist College and sang in the Choir at the church, plus was a Captain of a Ladies’ Bus for 5 Years.

This is her second book, the first one is “Encouraging a Friend with Our Trials,” and the third one is “A Widows Cry,” a helpful tool for widow ministries, and she hopes that “Servants Heart” will be a great help in future volunteering choices in everyone’s lives.