Tiny Transitions, a national leader in baby sleep coaching, is now expanding to York, Pennsylvania and Baltimore with a special emphasis on helping NICU babies and autistic children through in-person and virtual consultations.

With 26 years as a Neonatal and Early Intervention Occupational Therapist, Tracey Kondrasuk-Brander noticed a common thread: many of her young patients with developmental delays also had trouble sleeping. To help solve this problem, Tracey trained to become a certified sleep consultant through Tiny Transitions and is now offering her broad range of experience and training to families in southeastern Pennsylvania and Baltimore.

“There is a strong link between inadequate sleep and developmental delays,” said Tracey. “I believe in holistic treatment where you’re not just focusing on symptoms but on the root of the problem. I decided to tackle one of the most common underlying issues my clients were facing through pediatric sleep training.”

Tracey is particularly passionate about premature infants, children with developmental delays, and toddlers with Autism Spectrum Disorder. She uses her sleep coaching to address any underlying sleep issues that may be holding children back.

“While there are a number of good sleep consultants out there, it’s hard to find someone who can marry sleep training with such an extensive background in occupational therapy. She brings the whole package,” said Courtney Zentz, President and Founder of Tiny Transitions.

Tracey is a member of Tiny Transitions’ Slumber Squad, a team of sleep consultants from across the country who offer both in-home and virtual sleep help. The team is trained in the SleepSteps® method, which recognizes that there’s no one-size-fits-all sleep solution. Rather, SleepSteps® uses gentle, customized sleep methods that fit the unique needs of each child and family dynamic.

The SleepSteps® principles were developed by psychologists, physician assistants, lactation consultants, and doulas. They support children from infancy to kindergarten, helping to establish healthy napping and nighttime sleep habits.

Tracey serves York and Harrisburg, Pennsylvania as well as the greater Baltimore area. She starts her coaching with a judgment-free consultation to determine families’ needs and what strategies will be most effective.

“Just as important as my early intervention background is the fact that I have been there myself when I was a sleep-deprived mother of three young children,” said Tracey. “I know that even the most well-organized families can be thrown into chaos by a sleepless little one and all of the attendant worries.”

In addition to providing sleep coaching through its Slumber Squad, Tiny Transitions offers the Sleep Coach Success Lab, a turnkey program to help sleep consultants scale their business from start-up to six figures.

Tiny Transitions was named a “Top U.S. Sleep Consultant” by Tuck. They were featured by Parentology, Romper, Yahoo, Fatherly, Bustle, and Thrive Global. To learn more, visit www.TinyTransitions.com.

About Tiny Transitions

Tiny Transitions aims to help families build healthy sleeping habits and restore order in their homes. They offer a completely unique approach to sleep coaching and sleep training.