Vivaldi 2.4: Next level Toolbar Customization

OSLO, Norway – 27th March 2019: The Vivaldi browser launches its new version Vivaldi 2.4 unlocking a new level of customisation in toolbars – unique functionality that lets users move or hide buttons with ease between selected toolbars. Vivaldi 2.4 also gives users new ways to manage and access their bookmarks, enjoy multiple user profiles and allows them to do simple calculations with its new built-in calculator.

“Our goal has always been to make Vivaldi the most customizable browser available”, says Vivaldi CEO, Jon von Tetzchner. “Today’s update is another big step in that direction so that users can get more done with less effort, in the most intuitive and creative way possible.”

Tinker and Tweak Toolbars

Vivaldi introduces a whole new range of unique customisation options in the status and address toolbars. You can now configure toolbars based on your daily browsing needs and get easy, immediate access to their most frequently used functions. This update gives you the ability to drag buttons between selected toolbars. You can also remove buttons from the navigation toolbar to display only those needed.

“Toolbar customization is massive – it is much bigger than it sounds. Vivaldi’s interface is now more customisable with redesigned and re-engineered buttons”, says Henrik Helmers, designer at Vivaldi who has been working extensively on this feature. “We have redrawn our toolbar icons to be more consistent and friendly. These changes lay the groundwork for more features and customization in the future.”

Raising the ‘Bookmark’ Bar

Sifting through bookmarks for the right one gets easier and quicker. Vivaldi adds another handy feature for quickly making folders containing collections of related sites. Now you can save the selection of related tabs and return to them at a later date, even from another machine (via bookmark syncing). Also, you can access all your bookmarks within folders and from the right-click context menu.

Keep work and play separate with multiple user profiles

Create multiple “users” without logging into a different operating system user account or the need to maintain multiple standalone installations of Vivaldi. Each user profile stores a separate set of extensions, bookmarks, Speed Dials, cookies, history, etc. You can easily switch between profiles, enable, disable, manage and sync them.

Built-in Calculator and other improvements

A built-in calculator has been added to Quick Commands to make calculations more convenient. Just Press F2/E, enter the equation, press Enter and the result is copied to the clipboard.

You can now disable/enable ‘Allow Tab Stacking by Drag and Drop’ in Settings and adjust the length of the tab hover delay to avoid creating a Tab Stack accidentally.

Of course, there’s even more that’s gone into this new version. Download it today at

Elision Announced to Offer Feature-rich Call Center Solution for Call Centers

Elision Technolab LLP, aka Elision, is in the industry for more than a decade now and the company has been catering businesses and enterprises with feature rich unified communication solution. Recently, the spokesperson of the company has made an announcement to offer feature rich call center solution for the call center industry. This call center software is specifically designed and developed to meet day to day business needs of the call center industry. It is furnished with a wide array of features that one would need to run inbound, outbound or blended campaigns. The spokesperson of the company shared a complete list of features which are listed below:

• Campaign management
• Lead management
• Power dialer
• Predictive dialer
• Progressive dialer
• Manual dialer
• Preview dialer
• Unlimited call queue
• Automatic call distribution
• Skill based call routing
• Sticky agent
• Longest idle agent based routing of the call
• Schedule a callback
• Call transfer
• Call forwarding
• Call hold and pick-up
• Call intervention
• Music on hold
• Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
• Internal communication between agents with intercom dialing
• Voice logging
• Barge-in
• Whisper
• 3-way conference call
• Graphical reports

As per the shared details, reporting plays a really important role in call centers and it is considered to be bread and butter for any call centers. Thus, Elision has made sure to add a wide array of reports in their call center solution. They capture all important metrics and show those as easy to understand reports. Below is the list of some of the important metrics which are available in the call center software of the Elision Technolab LLP:

• Agent performance
• Trunk utilization
• Abandoned calls
• Average talk time
• Average hold time
• After call work
• Campaign-based reports
• Live call view
• And more

The company has developed a scalable call center solution. It means the call centers can start with a few seats to support parallel agent lines and as their business grows, they can increase the capacity of this call center to allow more agents in parallel. The call centers can also get benefited with advanced features of the stated call center software, which are available as add-on which can be integrated based on the need and work model of the call center. Below is the list of available modules for this call center solution:

• Email
• Remote agent
• Chat / Instant messaging
• Soundboard
• Hotkeys
• Plug and Play APIs
• Disposition Bucket
• WebRTC based web phone
• And many more

The call center software is easy to use and remotely accessible. Also, any third party APIs can be integrated within this call center solution to create a holistic software for the call center. The company also offers a turnkey call center solution, i.e., call center software and hardware as well as on-site installation and support services to call centers in India. To know more about this call center solution and book a free demo, please visit Offers High Quality Super Bowl Championship Rings to Sports Fans

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Install the Pre-Built Zaps and Get Expert Guidance Online

(31th March 2019): – For any company or a business organization, it is extremely important that they use the best automation app in order to conduct the internal processes without any hassle. Zaps can be used as new templates and there are also new zap editors present online that are used to customized the overall workflow. The online site of Fiver is offering a chance to the online customers to hire the zapier expert Ratul Bin Hasan. New customers can check out the latest reviews, ratings, and comments to learn more about the product.

Being the zapier expert to create zaps, Mr. Ratul has over 7 years of experience in the field of marketing automation and custom API development. Throughout his career, he has worked on more than 30 marketing automation platforms. He is a dedicated zapier expert who builds customized zaps.

The customers can view and select the different packages offered by the expert such as premium, standard, and basic. The number of zaps ranges from 2 to 60. The customers can learn to edit and manage the zaps on their dashboard by taking assistance from the expert.The customers can select the delivery time, quantity, and the package according to their company’s needs and requirements.

The announcement says that the customers can select the plan and mode of payment such as PayPal, net banking or credit or debit card. The customers can create an online account by entering their basic contact details. Once the payment is confirmed, the customers can submit their requirements and discuss the project with the expert in detail. For more information and queries related to the same, the online customers can visit this site…t-to-create-zaps

Ratul Bin Hasan

BatchOutput for Microsoft Word Reduces Security Hassles on macOS Mojave

Zevrix Solutions announces BatchOutput DOC 2.5.9, a maintenance update to company’s output automation solution for Microsoft Word. The only Word output automation tool on the Mac market, BatchOutput automates printing and exporting of multiple Office documents to PDF. The software offers batch printing, PDF security, variable file names, export as single pages, and more. The new version reduces the hassles associated with Apple Event sandboxing, a new security measure introduced in macOS Mojave.

Toronto (ON), Canada — Zevrix Solutions announces the release of BatchOutput DOC 2.5.9, a compatibility update to its output automation solution for Microsoft Word on macOS ( The only batch processing tool for Word on the Mac market, the software helps users eliminate repetitive tasks through automation of printing and professional PDF output.

The new version eliminates the hassles associated with Apple Event sandboxing, a new security measure introduced in macOS Mojave. Under the new policy, different apps can no longer interact with each other without prior user authorization. This change directly affects BatchOutput DOC which require access to Word and other system resources to perform complex workflow automation tasks. The new update streamlines the authorization process by clearing all permissions during launch time, which eliminates workflow interruptions during file processing. BatchOutput will also reset Apple Event permissions automatically if the authorization was previously revoked by accident.

“Love this app. It makes the process of saving collections of Word docs to PDF so much faster and easier,” writes the user Danni-L on MacUpdate. “Great configuration features, and great time-saving value.”

In addition to batch printing, BatchOutput DOC allows to carry out professional PDF production directly from Word, bringing advanced PDF creation options right to the user’s fingertips:

-Print and export multiple Word documents to PDF with a single click.
-Variable output file names.
-Split Word files into single page PDFs.
-Reduce PDF file size and optimize documents for web, print and mobile devices.
-Encrypt and password-protect PDF documents.
-Change PDF color tone, brightness and other qualities.

BatchOutput DOC is a part of the Zevrix BatchOutput family of products which also includes output automation solutions for Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, Adobe InDesign and PDF workflows.

Pricing and Availability:
BatchOutput DOC can be purchased for US$19.95 from the Zevrix Solutions website as well as from authorized resellers and Mac App Store. Trial is also available for download. The update is free for users of version 2 and $20 from version 1. BatchOutput DOC requires macOS 10.7-10.14 and Microsoft Word 2008-2019.

About Zevrix Solutions
Located in Toronto, Canada, Zevrix Solutions provides productivity solutions for Adobe Creative Suite software, PDF and graphic file diagnostics, file delivery and Microsoft Office on Mac OS. Zevrix Solutions makes it easier for professionals to achieve more while doing less by automating their everyday tasks, producing error-free documents, saving disk space and cutting down on production costs. For more info, visit