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When comes to the interior design of your home, two vital aspects are required to be considered, which are nothing but the utility and aesthetics. At Siddhivinayak Interior, which is one of the topmost interior design companies in Mumbai, will offer your home the best and the most attractive design in the industry. This will not only go beyond your expectations in terms of design but also in terms of price. This means that you will get our highest quality service at the lowest price. At Siddhivinayak Interior, we not only design homes according to the needs of homeowners. We also fashioned a living space that reflected their unique lifestyle and taste. Since the inception of our company in 2009, our top-notch interior design services have turned out to be the most sought-after ones amid countless Mumbai homeowners. This makes us transformed many small and big homes into stunningly styled, high-usefulness spaces that meet the expectation of our customers. Get more information

Vivaldi 2.4: Next level Toolbar Customization

OSLO, Norway – 27th March 2019: The Vivaldi browser launches its new version Vivaldi 2.4 unlocking a new level of customisation in toolbars – unique functionality that lets users move or hide buttons with ease between selected toolbars. Vivaldi 2.4 also gives users new ways to manage and access their bookmarks, enjoy multiple user profiles and allows them to do simple calculations with its new built-in calculator.

“Our goal has always been to make Vivaldi the most customizable browser available”, says Vivaldi CEO, Jon von Tetzchner. “Today’s update is another big step in that direction so that users can get more done with less effort, in the most intuitive and creative way possible.”

Tinker and Tweak Toolbars

Vivaldi introduces a whole new range of unique customisation options in the status and address toolbars. You can now configure toolbars based on your daily browsing needs and get easy, immediate access to their most frequently used functions. This update gives you the ability to drag buttons between selected toolbars. You can also remove buttons from the navigation toolbar to display only those needed.

“Toolbar customization is massive – it is much bigger than it sounds. Vivaldi’s interface is now more customisable with redesigned and re-engineered buttons”, says Henrik Helmers, designer at Vivaldi who has been working extensively on this feature. “We have redrawn our toolbar icons to be more consistent and friendly. These changes lay the groundwork for more features and customization in the future.”

Raising the ‘Bookmark’ Bar

Sifting through bookmarks for the right one gets easier and quicker. Vivaldi adds another handy feature for quickly making folders containing collections of related sites. Now you can save the selection of related tabs and return to them at a later date, even from another machine (via bookmark syncing). Also, you can access all your bookmarks within folders and from the right-click context menu.

Keep work and play separate with multiple user profiles

Create multiple “users” without logging into a different operating system user account or the need to maintain multiple standalone installations of Vivaldi. Each user profile stores a separate set of extensions, bookmarks, Speed Dials, cookies, history, etc. You can easily switch between profiles, enable, disable, manage and sync them.

Built-in Calculator and other improvements

A built-in calculator has been added to Quick Commands to make calculations more convenient. Just Press F2/E, enter the equation, press Enter and the result is copied to the clipboard.

You can now disable/enable ‘Allow Tab Stacking by Drag and Drop’ in Settings and adjust the length of the tab hover delay to avoid creating a Tab Stack accidentally.

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