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Zephrofel :00 so I wanted to make sure it wasn’t one of our kids the good news is kids were okay the bad news was when I grabbed the phone the first thing to pop up was a text message from her friend Susan except this Susan well see for yourself that’s right she was fucking cheating on me but some asshole she met online 26 years of marriage flushed down the toilet because of her uncontrollable craving to get stuffed by a Zephrofel huge cock 34 years of true love wiped out because I didn’t have what it takes to give her what she most needless to say we separated I didn’t have it in me to officially and things but I couldn’t look at her face after such a betrayal so I moved out although I definitely didn’t move on I had to figure out why a big dick created such an insatiable obsession and even the most loving loyal women to the point that