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When it comes to choosing an SMPP Server for your SMS services, there are a number of factors that need to be taken into consideration. Amongst all the important factors that require due consideration, routing is the most important. The role played by routing is an important one specifically when it comes to revenue generation and competitive edge. Therefore, it makes complete sense for you to consider which routing logic would be best for your SMS services.

The Need for Routing::

Routing works by forwarding desired messages by way of different logics defined y administration as per the requirements of the users to the ultimate destinations. Since there are different varieties of routes to forward messages, an SMPP Server Provider deals in different SMPP applications for optimizing the route for the best quality and pricing. Such logic also includes gateway selection, traffic distribution, SMS delivery and more.

Earlier, there were SMPP applications available in the market that could not handle all these features in one dashboard. It was only because of this reason that SMS service providers were losing the quality of their services and even revenues. It was only after analyzing the requirements of bulk SMS users in the context of integrating different routing logic into one application that technologies and companies started introducing SMPP servers that support several routing modules in one single dashboard.

Different Varieties of Routing::

The different varieties of routing include:

Fixed Gateway::

In this arrangement, you get the flexibility of routing all your SMS traffic from one selected gateway. This gateway will remain fixed according to your preferences. This means that you will have the scope of selecting one default gateway for a specific user. This also means that you will get the option of setting up a failover gateway if the primary gateway is not fully functional.

Delivery-Based Routing::

SMS delivery is one of the most important concerns for both the users of the SMPP server and the SMPP server provider. Every single user wants short and simple messages to be delivered on a complete database. By the use of delivery-based routing, users can set up certain priority routes for delivering messages. The system picks up an appointed gateway for perfect and accurate delivery of messages.

Minimal Cost Routing::

It is a type of routing that helps the users most when it comes to revenue generation and even in saving a huge amount of money. The users get to make the choice of an SMPP Server gateway that is available within the lowest cost. The integration of this logic system helps in the automatic selection of the most cost-effective gateway with the traffic being routed accordingly.

Round Routing::

This is the process of scheduling an SMS marketing campaign into a circular method. The arrangement includes messages being divided into a circular flow. For example, if you the user assigns three gateways in round routing logic then the flow will work as the first message being delivered from the first gateway, the second message from the second gateway and the third message from the third gateway. The fourth message will again be routed from the first gateway.

Load Distributor::

This is a highly advanced feature of an SMPP Server API. In this arrangement, users can predefine the ratio of their traffic among several gateways for routing their SMS traffic smoothly within the shortest time span possible.