Known in the best of fashion, bulk SMS marketing is the new way of business communication that has triumphed in the recent times. As the name suggests, bulk messaging is an approach to send and receive short messages to and from hundreds of end users in a single go, that too within a few seconds. Speaking in the layman terms, bulk messaging solutions enable business institutions to establish and flourish a digitalized communicative channel that can connect with hundreds of end users in an easy manner.

For the business units which deem to harness the benefits of these solutions in their existing architecture must be well known with the concept of bulk SMS API and its ability to assist in sending and receiving messages to and from target audiences over a single communicative medium. Being more precise, the industries driven by softwares and web applications developed in responsive php programming language shall be equipped with the idea of PHP SMS gateway integration.

The distinctive perks of SMS API PHP

At the core, bulk SMS API PHP is an application programming interface which helps you integrate your own messaging medium in the business architecture. Acting as the communicator, this interface is entitled to allure business unit with the effective and smooth functioning of bulk messaging solutions in the business model. Using bulk SMS API PHP in the specification for php driven software organization makes the entire process of sending and receiving messages easier as both the programming softwares share common concepts of PHP programming and thus can internally comprehend with their respective commands.

By using bulk SMS API PHP, you as the business can enjoy the following benefits:

Receive and send messages in a number of formats:

Well known, bulk messaging is related to establishing with numerous recipients simultaneously. Thus, the message is sent to hundreds of mobile numbers in single shots and within seconds. In order to send these messages, the messaging application should be provided with the recipient’s numbers on which the business intends to send short messages. Bulk SMS API PHP simplifies this step and allows the business user to feed in recipient contact numbers in a format they find easy. These formats include feeding in recipient contact details in a single string separated with commas, feeding excels with numbers, etc. Being pretty compatible, the API accepts all number formats.

Receive timely bulk SMS delivery reports:

While sending bulk messages, it is always advisable to keep a track of messages are set and delivered to the target audiences. While this may sound to be a tedious task, SMS API php makes this easy by providing business with timely SMS delivery reports which detail the organizations with how many messages have been sent, in what time, to which set of audiences and the message delivery status. This set of information makes it easy for the business to keep a track in person and in developing/enhancing marketing strategies.