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Something as trivial as a pair of safety goggles can provide excellent protection for the eyes when working with chemical substances, wood or metal. The regular wearing of hearing protection devices, such as head muffs or earplugs, protects workers operating in places where the normal noise level is exceeded from developing hearing problems or completely losing their hearing. By putting at employees’ disposal personal protective equipment which meets the relevant quality standards, you can ensure that they will remain unharmed at the workplace.
Employers are compelled by the law to provide employees with adequate equipment which meets the applicable standards for working in environments with noise, in high risk places, for operating manual machinery, etc. When health and safety requirements are not met, employers remain unprotected and their health and even their life may be at risk. By complying with their WHS obligations, employers will be able to efficiently prevent or minimize risk of injury and disease. In addition, employees’ satisfaction and their productivity tend to increase when they go to work knowing that all their rights are observed and that they are appropriately protected against danger when performing their work duties. Thus, it is entirely up to you to take all the necessary measures to prevent injury, illness and disease at the workplace.
Working in high-risk environments is never easy; however, companies belonging to the construction industry, mining or manufacturing industry can implement the best WHS practices, so as to ensure that employees who manipulate dangerous materials, who work at high altitudes or who are exposed to dust, mercury or other harmful substances or who operate heavy-duty machinery are provided with the necessary head, face and hearing protection devices designed to keep them safe. At the same time, companies have the responsibility of training their workers with respect to health and safety at work, so that they always use adequate work equipment. With the right safety goggles, hard hats, gloves and other similar items, employees can be kept safe.
When shopping for safety glasses, you will be pleased to learn that you can choose from a multitude of models that offer excellent protection and allow for clear peripheral vision. For instance, polarized sunglasses with smoked lens are an excellent option for machinery operators and outdoor workers; safety glasses with a foam backed smoked distortion-free lens are another amazing choice for medium impact protection. The ultra lightweight safety glasses with contrast lens are also worth considering, for the contrast lens will efficiently filter the harmful blue light in outdoor situations, whereas the ESP lens will reduce glare in indoor situations. The important thing is to do your homework and select the safety glasses that are the best match for your work environment.

When it comes to hearing protection, earplugs are a must, for they are comfortable to wear and provide efficient noise protection. You can opt for uncorded earplugs which are easy to handle and fit, corded earplugs which are comfortable and easy to clean, max PU foam earplugs, which provide maximum comfort, disposable earplugs, etc., depending on the specific needs of your workers. Note that you should focus on high-quality hearing protection items which meet the applicable WHS standards and which are available at affordable rates. Also, it would probably be a good idea to purchase all the personal protection items that may require, including safety glasses, hard hats, gloves, respirators, etc., from the same supplier; this way, you can negotiate and obtain the best possible price for the products of your choice. All in all, it is entirely up to you to make a smart investment in your employees’ health and safety.
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