These days, we do most of the brand campaigns and initiatives through online media and social media. Monitoring experts have to use tools to track keywords on social media, blogs, news portals, etc. Brand monitoring is also used to find and identify influencers, analyze your competitors, and develop developments in the industry. It allows your brand to monetize on press opportunities and help you gain public insights and needs. In today’s day and age, brands try to engage with more bloggers/influencers via partnerships and sponsorships to discuss the brand and its products/services. Brands also share relevant keywords with the influencers, so they speak about your brand or relevant topics surrounding your brand. They can help you find your competitors and their ongoing initiatives.

Talking about Brand monitoring, Mr.Atul Malikram, the founder of, says that brand monitoring allows you to track what the public is saying on the internet about a brand or company in all forms of media, including blogs, twitter, ‘complaint’ sites, forums, video sharing platforms like YouTube, and social platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn.  It also involves monitoring trending hashtags relevant to your brand. So, if you are looking for trending debates or discussions, monitoring the hashtag streams can take you there. It is best to monitor all the different media as widely as possible to keep a close eye on the media intelligence circulating about your brand and competitors.

The onslaught of this pandemic reminds us of the phrase, ‘survival of the fittest’, from the evolutionary theory of Charles Darwin. With the economy shattered, the companies are fighting for their survival. In this stiff competition, media monitoring can be an influential tool for companies to stay in the market.