Revive Concierge is a creative real estate financing company that helps homeowners maximize the value of their properties. The Irvine based company is democratizing home flipping and is at the forefront of real estate innovation. Today, Revive welcomes Anna Choi to the marketing department.

Prior to working at Revive, Anna was the Chief Marketing Officer at Goldbar Real Estate, a top-producing team based in NYC that services all 5 boroughs and Long island. She also spent much of her career in agency settings where she has run million dollar campaigns on Facebook since the age of 19. Although paid traffic makes up part of her portfolio, she prefers to focus on the holistic customer journey, from initial brand exposure, to nurturing the post-conversion touchpoints. At Revive, she will be responsible for growing Revive’s online presence through various channels.

Anna was born in Seoul, South Korea and has resided in Queens in New York City for much of her life. From an early age, she always had a passion for reading and even wanted to pursue a career in writing. Now, she leverages her copywriting skills in marketing which for her is the best of both worlds. On August 16, Anna started her journey at Revive. She’s decided to move across the country from New York to join this rapidly growing team, noting that:

“What stood out to me about Revive is the company and team culture. It’s not easy to capture the essence of a team on camera, but the passion of each and every member shone through the videos I initially saw about Revive. The leadership team is incredibly genuine and passionate. I know those words are tossed around lightly, but there’s a different quality of energy to Revive than anything else I’ve experienced before.”

In addition to the team, she has a deep connection to Revive’s mission. Given her extensive experience in real estate marketing, Anna observed that home flipping has a “high barrier to entry. Every seller should be able to part with such a huge part of their lives, with maximum profit and full transparency on the process.” Her passion and work ethic extend far beyond this quote. Co-founder Dalip Jaggi felt these qualities were apparent in every interaction he has had with Anna.

“At Revive, we’re committed to finding the right people. Yes, Anna has very impressive real estate marketing experience and an outstanding resume. That coupled with her genuine enthusiasm and interest in changing people’s lives are really what stood out to me. I have no doubt that she’s going to be an amazing addition to the team.”

As Anna begins her career at Revive, she aims to bring national exposure to the rapidly growing company. This hire coincides with nation-wide expansion that Revive is seeing. With Anna’s help, the word “Revive” will become synonymous with pre-sale renovations – something that someone of her caliber has all of the tools necessary to achieve.

About Revive: Agent Angel LLC, dba Revive is located in Irvine, California. By fronting the cost of pre-sale home improvements and offering guaranteed trade-in offers, Revive offers agents the opportunity to increase the value of their client’s homes.


Anna Choi


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