MIAMI BEACH, Fla.Sept. 25, 2021PRLog — We all agree sustainable living can help cut down the amount of waste flowing into our oceans. It’s such a big problem that sometimes we as individuals meaning well say let the governments of the world solve the problem. But if we as individuals make small lifestyle changes we can help make the air we breathe and the water we drink cleaner, that would be a great beginning. ( does not receive any financial compensation from any of the vendors in this article.

  1. Miami Beach Sustainable Hotels

The beginning of every vacation begins with a place to stay. But let’s consider only hotels that are sustainable. And to make sure the hotels are truly sustainable in spirit not just in their advertising messages but are eco-certified. The hotels below were certified as environmentally sustainable by independent organizations recognized by Google Search. The hotels range in price from $100 – $350, per night.|cpc|TPL01-The-Palms-Hotel-Brand-10237-27267|the%20palms%20hotel%20%26%20spa&gclid=CjwKCAjw7rWKBhAtEiwAJ3CWLIPf7QSVID9bAhKdaSimrHUCcVys_Zxzax5o4biueXkqyz84WSCTphoCu6IQAvD_BwE (

  1. Miami Beach Sustainable Tours

    “As Miami Beach continues to be a global destination for eco-conscious travelers, it’s imperative we offer new, sustainable choices along the beach that allow our visitors to make decisions they can feel good about, while still delivering a thoughtful and luxury experience,” says Steve Adkins, Chairman of the Miami Beach Visitor and Convention Authority.
  1. Miami Beach Sustainable Volunteering

    If you would like to meet other like-minded locals giving their time to clean up our beautiful beaches, visit the 2 non-profits below to check their schedules.
  1. Miami Beach Sustainable Donations

An excellent way to contribute to lowering greenhouse emissions would be planting more trees, learn more from the 2 non-profits below;

  1. Miami Beach Sustainable Plastic-free

Say no to plastic utensils. When we order take-out or delivery from a restaurant for home use, we use our sturdy metal full-size knives and forks. We can do the same when we order take-out or delivery in the office, by bringing a set of metal utensils from home for use in the office. And tell the restaurant not to send plastic utensils with the food. You can’t throw away what you don’t have.

And don’t forget to visit one of the 15 conveniently-placed free water stations around Miami Beach to encourage the reduction of plastic water bottles.

  1. Miami Beach Sustainable Transportation

Instead of automatically calling Uber or Lyft to help you get around, try renting a bicycle found at the many nearby locations around the city. And the best way to get a look close-up view of the city and the delicious smells from the bakeries are by walking.

  1. Back Home

And when you get back home continue in a sustainable lifestyle by renting an electric bike for short drives, errands, and a whole lot of fun plus think about an electric car and saying farewell to the gasoline-powered vehicle.

2 of the best selling e-bikes are;

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