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Elite Online Publishing Launched a New Bestselling Book by Chip Helm

Author Chip Helm introduced his new book BIGGER THAN SALES: How Humility and Relationships Build Career Success which climbed quickly to be a #1 National Bestseller on Amazon.

May 24, 2019, 09:00 AM Central Standard Time

Houston, TX -Elite Online Publishing today, announced its newest bestselling author Chip Helm, who’s recently released book, BIGGER THAN SALES: How Humility and Relationships Build Career Success quickly climbed the charts to become a number one national bestseller on the day of its release, May 23, 2019.

Elite Online Publishing published, promoted and reached #1 National Bestseller in NINE Categories, including Internships, Retailing Industry, Small Business Advertising, Sales & Selling Techniques, Home-Based Business Sales & Selling, Marketing for Small Businesses, Communication Reference, Small Business Sales & Selling and Entrepreneurship Management.

About the Book –

What’s Bigger than Sales?

• How about building the positive relationships that lead to success in sales?

• What about amplifying your passion needed for elevating your relationship and sales?

• Have you considered how important humility is to your continued success in sales?

• What are you doing to master the art of networking?

• Are you focused on developing your personal branding?

• Will you choose the right company to work for?

• Have you evaluated your work/life balance? How are you doing?

Chip’s first book Everyday Sales Wisdom for Your Life & Career, garnered rave reviews and demonstrated how everybody is in sales! In his second book, Chip Helm helps you answer each of the above questions with practical wisdom and effective relationship-building skills.

“Humility is a word that most people do not associate with career professionals and salespeople. But that is exactly what struck me about this book by Chip Helm, where he unequivocally bats for humility as a key character requisite for people to succeed in their careers. His conviction that humility can help professionals improve their work-life balance is a very engaging and interesting concept, one that professionals forget sometimes.” –Shannon Eden, Student, Miller School of Business, Ball State University

“Each semester I have the good fortune to have Chip Helm talk to my undergraduate and MBA students. Chip brings over 30 years of sales and sales management experience into the classroom. Whether Chip talks about “Branding Yourself” or his “Five Steps to Sales Success,” the students come away with intuitive and actionable insights into selling themselves or a product. Chip’s high-energy presentations are contagious as he captivates his audience with humor and outstanding sales knowledge.” –Ramon A.
Avila, George and Frances Ball Distinguished Professor in Marketing, Ball State University

“No Matter the Career you have chosen, YOU ARE IN SALES.” – Chip Helm

Chip Helm holds a BA in Biology from Indiana University and an MBA from the University of South Florida. Married for twenty-six years. Chip met his wife, Cyrilla, at USF while in the MBA program. They have three adult children all pursuing education and professions in health and medical disciplines. Chip has worked for Cook Medical for over thirty-two years.

About the Author –

How Humility and Relationships Build Career Success From a Dental School drop-out to a National Sales Manager of a multi-billion-dollar medical device company, Chip Helm has honed his sales skills from the ground up. With anecdotal examples from his successes and failures, Chip’s stories will have you laughing while you learn. Chip knows how to develop and maintain long-term relationships to help drive sales success. If it is personal branding, practicing humility, or following-up and following-through, his practical advice is applicable to anyone at any stage in their career. His mentoring, and leadership has helped thousands of students, and colleagues over his last three decades in sales. Chip is a regular guest lecturer at business schools around Indiana, including Purdue, Ball State, Butler University, and Indiana University.

Chip holds a BA in Biology from Indiana University and an MBA from the University of South Florida.

About Elite Online Publishing
This book was published by Elite Online Publishing, the brand building publisher – write, sell, & market your book online. Elite Online Publishing helps busy entrepreneurs, business leaders, and professionals create, publish, and market their book, to build their business and brand. They are

passionate about future authors sharing their stories, knowledge, and expertise to help others. Educate, inspire and motivate others by telling your story.

Available on Amazon

More on Chip and his writings can be found at:

Notion Press’ Next Book “The Number Crunchers” Makes Accountancy Simple

Notion Press’s upcoming book “The Number Crunchers” is guide to make accountancy simple as a straight line. The author, Ramesh Arreja, has a fascination for numbers, and has been modest to share his tricks of the trade with the world.

For many accountancy seems like a subject inundated with numbers. Well! As it may look, it actually isn’t that difficult. For those who have not dealt with it, or have not studied the subject, accountancy seems like rocket science. The author says that it is not at all that. In fact, accountancy is something that we deal with in everyday life.

The author, Ramesh Arreja, says that, when a person makes the efforts to understand accounting conventions, rules, and principles, he or she can easily relate them with day to day life. So, this book helps exactly do this. It puts accountancy fundas in simple language by which a layman could easily understand the concept and correlate them with daily routine.

Not just that, the author also says that commerce is also quite similar. He says that it is about dealing with people. Ramesh, in the book, quite easily manages to explain what commerce is as it relates to things in the society. This makes it simple for every person to understand what commerce is.

So, if you are someone who feels alienated when it comes to accountancy or commerce, this book is surely for you. While you may still think that accountancy or commerce is hard, it is not so hard to buy a copy of this fabulous book either in print or online version from You can also grab a copy from one of the leading e-tail portals Amazon or Flipkart.

Speaking about the book, Ramesh Arreja, said, “I have come across several people who feel that accountancy and commerce are too difficult to even think about them. I have felt that it is important to break that myth as we deal with them every day. So, I thought why not pen down a book that helps people understand the concepts of accountancy and commerce easily.” He goes on to add, “I urge every person who feels that these two topics are tough to understand to go grab a copy. I bet, your perception will change after reading the book.”

Born and brought up in Bhopal (the city of lakes), Ramesh Arreja is a post-graduate in finance and a banker by profession. With a decade of experience in the banking industry, he has in-depth knowledge of finance. He hails from a family with a business background. His love for numbers is unimaginable. He loves teaching and is a keen learner. He started teaching commerce when he
was still in graduation. He was always a bright student and he thrives for competition. This is his first attempt to make accountancy a child’s play. He is planning to write more such books on economics, management and accountancy. Ramesh lives in Goa with his wife, Preeti, and daughter, Baani.

Notion Press’ New Book “Meandering Brush” is a Marriage of Art and Poetry

Notion Press, India’s largest self-publishing house is coming out with a coffee table book “Meandering Brush” that is a beautiful combination of art and poetry. Painted and penned by Neha Bisht, this book is a masterpiece of a blend that makes every sip of coffee worth relishing.

An artist often draws inspiration from nature, and their work reflects these inspirations. What’s more intriguing is that these inspirations often lead artists to an interesting depiction that are beyond admiration. This book is a collection of such awe-inspiring art work that will draw you into open-ended conclusions leaving to your imagination.

It’s a masterpiece of soulful landscapes that carries away a person into its sea of color and nature. It would not be wrong to cite this as a soulful therapy that heals the soul through nature. According to the author, the soul is healed through the stimulus it receives from the five senses, and sight is one of them. The images captured by the eyes tend to motivate the reader and thus heal them.

Well! The book does not restrict its magic to creative and outside-the-box paintings, but also mesmerizes the reader into its beautiful verses of poetry. Again, the verses are a depiction of motivation from nature and life learnings. This amazing coffee table book is a perfect amalgamation of art and poetry.

Meandering Brush says that art is a mirror of life, and the book expresses life through art. This book is a picturesque representation of winding forests and colors. If you are an art lover and someone who relishes poetry, then this is a book worth delving into while sipping your cup of coffee. So, what are you waiting for? Go grab a copy of the book in its print and online version from or one of the leading e-commerce websites like Amazon or Flipkart.

The author Neha Bisht is an artist and a writer. Her primary medium of painting is oil colours. Her pen name is Nehab. She is a follower and advocate of Energy Healing practices for the complete and holistic well-being of self and environment. Her art and writing are aligned with “Soul Healing” in the beautiful array of words and colours that dance to the music of her thoughts.

Neha has been painting ever since she held a pencil. She is a self-taught artist. She learned art during her schooling. Later, Neha studied art by studying the art of great masters. Mainly the European and Russian masters. Her art is heavily influenced by European & Russian art styles and genres. Many artists, photographers and connoisseurs of art have been part of her art learning & exploring journey. Writing is her other passion. Together, painting and writing are her blessed wings of freedom.

Neha Bisht has worked as a freelance contributor with leading newspapers and has many published articles to her credit. She has also done children’s book illustrations. Academically, she is a graduate in European History, Psychology & English Literature with Diploma in Journalism.

Speaking about the book, Nehab, says, “Regrets there are none. It is just a winter mood. Wine is passion red. Sky is stormy blue.” Absorb the power of emotions.”

Worldwide Baby Incubator Market 2025 by Regional Analysis, Classification, Applications, Development Factors

The “ Baby Incubator Market” has its complete summary provided in such a pattern that the reading is enough to get the gist of the vital information mentioned in the report. Factors such as .product distribution, product demand, financial growth, growth benefits, business flexibility, and other applications are all provided in the report in detailed as well as segmented pattern. One of the most important points given in the report is that the clients can obtain all the futuristic scope and market growth factors in a single scroll through the articles. The Baby Incubator market has excelled its profit bar due to the application of strategic intelligence on a global scale. At present, Baby Incubator market focuses on enhancing its global market status with the help of the dominating players   General Electric , Atom Medical , Natus Medical, Bistos, Medicor

Click here to access the report:  In the current report, all the factors are mentioned in a bifurcated format such as the geographical, application, end users, product type, product sub-types, and others. The strike of the global Baby Incubator market is mentioned in the part of those areas, It demonstrates various segments Transport Infant Incubator, NICU Incubator and sub-segments Baby of the global Baby Incubator market. The report enlightens the clients with the unique industrial and government strategies required for the global market success. The market statistics and capital flexibilities are all portrayed in the dossier in a very clear-cut format for the convenience of the readers

Request Sample Report @:

Market Research Baby Incubator Market
A neonatal intensive care unit, also known as an intensive care nursery, is an intensive care unit specializing in the care of ill or premature newborn infants. In the context of China-US trade war and global economic volatility and uncertainty, it will have a big influence on this market. Baby Incubator Report by Material, Application, and Geography Global Forecast to 2023 is a professional and comprehensive research report on the worlds major regional market conditions, focusing on the main regions (North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific) and the main countries (United States, Germany, United Kingdom, Japan, South Korea and China).

The global Baby Incubator Market report examines various tendencies, obstructions, and challenges faced by the key competitors of Baby Incubator market. The report has been constructed considering the major outcomes and consequences of the market.

This report analyzes the top players in global and major regions and divides the Baby Incubator market by product and Application/end industries.

Regional Analysis for Baby Incubator  Market

North America (United States, Canada and Mexico)
Europe  (Germany, France, UK, Russia and Italy)
Asia-Pacific  (China, Japan, Korea, India and Southeast Asia)
South America (Brazil, Argentina, Colombia etc.)
Middle East and Africa (Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, Nigeria and South Africa)

More Info of this report @

Reasons to buy:

1.In-depth analysis of the market on the global and regional level.
2.Major changes in market dynamics and competitive landscape.
3.Segmentation on the basis of type, application, geography and others.
4.Historical and future market research in terms of size, share, growth, volume & sales.
5.Major changes and assessment in market dynamics & developments.
6.Industry size & share analysis with industry growth and trends.

Research methodology of Baby Incubator Market:

Research study on the Baby Incubator Market was performed in five phases which include Secondary research, Primary research, subject matter expert advice, quality check and final review.

Enquiry Before Buying:

Contact Us:

Phone No.: +1 (800) 663-5599
Email ID:

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Science Fiction & Fantasy Author Releases Second Audiobook To Space Opera Series

Author Matthew J Opdyke has teamed up with Narrator Allison Taylor and released a new audiobook, PATHWAY TO THE STARS: PART 1, VESHA CELESTE. Now available on Audible!.

Omaha, NE, May 19, 2019 — FTB Pathway Publications is proud to announce that Sci-Fi & Fantasy Author Matthew J Opdyke has combined efforts with Narrator Allison Taylor and released the first audiobook in the space opera booklet series, Pathway to the Stars!

“As she drifted into her dreams, there was Sky, her dream angel, heralding her along, engaging in heroic acts of daring-do, and letting her know, ‘Your dreams are yours to pursue, they are beautiful, and you can’t let anyone slow you down.’ ”
~ Sky to Vesha Celeste

Vesha Celeste journeys with Yesha Alevtina and her dream-angel, Sky, following a long life of high hopes, dreams, and professional achievements in astronomy and astrophysics. We explore Vesha’s life and learn more about Yesha as she shows and teaches her about biopods, spaceports, and tech cities that are hidden, cloaked with invisibility, and located solar-system-wide!

Discover the Virtual Universe and learn about Eliza Williams, who founded Pathway! A beautiful team dedicates their lives to recruiting and working with various characters pivotal to the enigmatic and hope-giving story to develop all of Eliza’s advances and designs. Appreciate the charm and vibrancy of enthusiasm toward the sciences and innovations of many great individuals endeavoring to put well-being first toward goals to journey to the vast regions of space.

There is a lot for Vesha to learn about Pathway’s quest to save the Universe, one crucial step at a time. Enjoy Vesha’s lifelong pursuits as we begin this journey throughout our Solar System!

This audiobook is now available on Audible!

This giant Space Opera Series will attract readers with a creative mind and a passion for looking at the world with a new vision of improving our environment, increasing our freedoms, and enhancing a state of mind toward progression. Gain both entertainment and education alike throughout the entire Space Saga – available in novel and booklet series. Let’s begin the journey through the Cosmos!

FTB Pathway Publications is an independent publishing gateway focused on promoting a newly released Space Opera series written by Sci-Fi & Fantasy Author Matthew J Opdyke. The entire collection is available on Amazon in a variety of formats, including eBook, Paperback, Hardcover, and Audio. Select print copies are also available at Barnes & Noble online. Audiobooks are purchasable on Amazon, Audible, and iTunes. For more information, signed copies, to schedule a book signing, author interviews, or to contact Matthew J Opdyke, visit his author website at or email

Check out our promo video on YouTube for the latest release!

Media Contact:
Matthew J Opdyke
SciFi & Fantasy Author
FTB Pathway Publications
Omaha, Nebraska