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Notion Press India’s largest self-publishing platform Notion Press is coming out with its new book Jai’s Wild Anecdotes from the Shadow of Time.

When the Times of India reported of man-eating Hyenas at large in a U.P. district on July 11, 1936, the entire district administration was taken aback and went all-out in finding them. Were the beasts found? In the jungles of the Himalayan foothills, a British hunter-photographer goes after a tigress, which had successfully dodged many of her pursuers for a snapshot. Was he successful? What are the commonalities between the mythological Unicorn and the present day Rhinoceros? What did Maharajah, the elephant, do when in 1815 the British retired him from active service and drove the pachyderm to the jungle? Read Wild Anecdotes from the Shadow of Time for many such wonderful and captivating true wildlife accounts from the era of Raj, each sure to leave reader spell-bound.

The book is an attempt to raise awareness of the plight not only of India’s wildlife but also the fragility of the last remaining wilderness that they call home. India’s fast-depleting wilderness may face a complete wipe-out in the next two decades unless the trend is reversed immediately.

If you are someone who loves the wild, then this book is something that you should pick from Notion Press or one of leading e-commerce websites Amazon and Flipkart. Speaking about the book, the author, Jai, says, ‘It is an amazing feeling to have my book publish. This book is something that everybody should pick. I hope that the book is loved by all readers.” He further said, “Every person who loves nature and wildlife and is concerned about saving the natural habitat should read this book.”

After a successful corporate career spanning 36 years, Jai now dons the mantle of a writer and a hobbyist nature and wildlife photographer sparked by a chance head-on encounter with a Royal Bengal tiger in the narrow, winding ghat roads of Amarkantak. He evinces his love for the wild in this book containing some very fascinating never-read-before anecdotes from the last century, which was the golden era of India’s wildlife.