Viveck Shettyy emphatically suggested that yoga must be made part of curriculum and syllabus in all his interactions on the 5th International Yoga Day celebrations. He gave an exclusive one hour interview to FM Rainbow and was also part of the panel of expert’s for a special discussion on yoga on DD Sahyadri.

He opined that while we know the software of every gadget in our life, it is indeed tragic that we do not know the software of the human mind, the most important gadget in our life. In the age and era of artificial intelligence and digital, he said that it is increasingly important that we pay attention to understanding the software of the human mind to stay ahead of machines and robots.

He observed that while the education system today empowers students with knowledge and skill sets, it fails to give them an all inclusive identity. And it is this fallacy that explains the rising index of corruption, nepotism and various other problems that plague society at large .

He further emphasised that in more ways than one “ Yoga “ is the user manual for the human body and has nothing to do with caste, creed, and religion. In his characteristic style he summed it up by saying that “ Every breath is Yoga, every thought is Yoga, every action is Yoga “

Viveck Shettyy, Head Honcho , Indus communications, has been a motivational speaker and a life coach with a strong focus on Yoga, Life Sciences and Mystic knowledge, for more than 15 years now with over 400 lectures and sessions to his credit; spread across leading corporate groups , management institutions, NGOs, medical and engineering colleges, international schools and various management forums.

Viveck Shettyy



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Viveck Shettyy,Yogi, Mystic and Motivational Speaker.

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