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Author C. Sablan Gault Promotes Her Historical Romance Novel The Quonset in Tutujan

Author C. Sablan Gault is pleased to announce the promotion of her historical romance novel, The Quonset in Tutujan.

The Quonset in Tutujan is the sequel to A Mansion on the Moon, the story of Guam’s transition through three wars — from a Spanish colony to an American territory before and after Japanese occupation in World War II — following the lives of three native Chamorro women, a teenager, her illegitimate daughter, and her granddaughter, and the men who loved them. For Vivian, the granddaughter, who falls for an American naval officer well above her station, the impossible becomes possible. Despite tremendous obstacles, he returns to Guam to search for and marry her. And to take her to New York to meet his wealthy conservative family.

The Quonset in Tutujan is available for purchase in print and ebook format.

Book Details:
The Quonset in Tutujan
By C. Sablan Gault
Publisher: Xlibris
Published: October 2018
ISBN: 978-1984552099 (pb)
ISBN: 978-1984552105 (hc)
ISBN: 978-1984552082 (ebook)
Pages: 306
Genre: Historical Romance

About the Author:
Catherine Sablan Gault worked as a reporter for a Guam newspaper then served as press secretary and communications director for a Guam governor, legislator, and Guam’s delegate to the U.S. House of Representatives. She retired in 2008 and wrote her novels for the fun of it.

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