C-Ray Stanziola, is an accomplished businessman, musician, activist, professional speaker, husband, father and new author. His first book “Life of An Immigrant”, is currently in circulation, publicity managed by Cedric D. Fisher & Company. Mr. Stanziola is available for interviews and speaking and signing engagements.


It’s impossible to look around America today and not notice the changing climate, the changing energy that animate daily life. Not as it once was — America seems to resemble 1930’s Germany (in many respects), more than it does the boisterous, open queues of Ellis Island in the early 1900’s. Fear of economic hardship (even when that hardship never seems to come), a distinct tribalism, and cultural defensiveness define the communities which only 15-20 years ago welcomed all ethnicities, all religious backgrounds, and “all kinds” of people to partake in a collective American Dream.
It is this “dream” that C-Ray Stanziola breaks down in his new blockbuster work, “Life of An Immigrant,” available in ebook, hard copy, and audio book for sale on
Despite the toxic climate, there aren’t authors so brave to tackle it directly with such passion. View brief introduction:

In the last decade, Latino’s have launched 86% of all businesses in the U.S., generating almost 43 million new companies. That means something. It means, Latinos are America — not just part of it; not just a statistic, but a concept with gravitas, with roots. We can’t reject our own reflection in the mirror, can we? The I Am Latino Movement captures the spirit of that reality.

Stanziola, elaborates:
“People come to this country looking for a better future. Some make it and some won’t, but everyone has something in common: a dream. For 21 years, I lived as an undocumented immigrant on the verge of being deported. I won my case and decided to show the world what is possible. And the answer is: ANYTHING. The world is as big as we want it to be. And it is as small as we choose to see it. I see a world of dreamers with big dreams. What do you see?” Stanziola asks readers.

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