Step into a State of Zen with Notion Press’ Latest Book – Love and Zenkai

Notion Press, India’s largest self-publishing company has published its latest book written by one of the world’s well known Zen Masters Rahul Karn. During a time when people hardly find any time for themselves, Love and Zenkai traces the author’s journey in his personal life in achieving the state of Zen which leads him to great success in his life. How the author finds spiritual upliftment and the wisdom to be calm in tough situations life throws at him forms the major crux of the book.
People struggle hard to find success in their lives. In the present day when people so busy with their lives that they do have the time for retrospection and spirituality, it is difficult to focus your thoughts and energies and use them efficiently to grow and find success. Love and Zenkai is the story of Zenkai, who is a meditator. He applies his Zen wisdom to the challenges of his romantic life. Perhaps, this is the first book in the world which examines the love-life of a meditator! The book brings to reference several quotes and laws which reflect and manifest ancient wisdom which was passed down by great Zen Masters.
Rahul Karn, the author of the book, is a well-known contemporary author on Zen. His ability lies in sharing the timeless wisdom of the Zen Masters to modern day readers in an easy to understand format which keeps the readers engaged while understanding the broad concepts explained in Zen philosophy. He has written three other books on Zen namely Zensational Stories, Zensational Mind and Zen Smiles. He helps his readers and his friends live peaceful, balanced and tranquil lives by teaching them meditation using Zen methods.
The author has quite a following on Facebook where he shares Zen stories in his page Zensational Stories. He also shares his thoughts on his blog regularly. He currently lives in Melbourne and enriches the lives of others around him by sharing the wisdom he has acquired.
Love and Zenkai also shares the author’s journey in meditation and the lessons he has learnt and now shares with his readers over a period of nine years. It is the ideal resource for anyone who aims to find balance in their lives through meditation.
The book is available for sale online at the Notion Press bookstore and several other e-commerce platforms.