Notion Press’ Next Fantasy is an Adventure of the Tenacious Kids

Notion Press, India’s largest self-publishing platform is coming out with a fantasy ‘The Epic Adventures of Rohan, Abhinai, and Parinika’ that promises to be a page-turner for every child. A thriller in its own way, the book by Sharon Jones is a must read for every child.
The plot revolves around three friends Rohan, Abhinai, and Parinika, who are the lead characters of the book. It is their first day at boarding school, and the three decide to sneak out of the campus only to land into an elusive hideout that has been hunted by people for years.
Things change from the time they spot something peculiar yet unharmful glaze. With a glint of gold, the glaze does something to Rohan only for him to realize the next day. The boy realizes he has acquired some supernatural powers and is capable of doing things that no normal person can do.
While life spikes him with supernatural powers, it throws him a boomerang. There is something dark that begins to bother Rohan. As the kids begin to figure out what is bothering Rohan and lay down a plan to fight the evil, life take another twist. Now, what will the kids do? Will they find the answers to their problems? How will they overcome this new turmoil?
The novel is an interesting read to the kids and best time for a read during summer holidays.
It is beyond doubt that you are already willing to jump into the book and get engrossed in it till you find out what happens in the end. Author Sharon Jones is very positive and hoping for a good response form the reader for her first book. She graduated from one of the top B- schools in Chennai with a degree in M.B.A Finance. She works as a full-time content writer and dabbles in writing fiction stories..
Excited about her first book, the young Sharon says, “It is a big thing to see my first book come out today. I cannot express my feelings. Fantasy has been one of my favorite genres since childhood. Impressed by books like Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, I have always wanted to write something in this genre.” She adds, “I am keen on listening to what my readers have to say. Look forward to their feedback.”
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