Notion Press’s upcoming book “The Number Crunchers” is guide to make accountancy simple as a straight line. The author, Ramesh Arreja, has a fascination for numbers, and has been modest to share his tricks of the trade with the world.

For many accountancy seems like a subject inundated with numbers. Well! As it may look, it actually isn’t that difficult. For those who have not dealt with it, or have not studied the subject, accountancy seems like rocket science. The author says that it is not at all that. In fact, accountancy is something that we deal with in everyday life.

The author, Ramesh Arreja, says that, when a person makes the efforts to understand accounting conventions, rules, and principles, he or she can easily relate them with day to day life. So, this book helps exactly do this. It puts accountancy fundas in simple language by which a layman could easily understand the concept and correlate them with daily routine.

Not just that, the author also says that commerce is also quite similar. He says that it is about dealing with people. Ramesh, in the book, quite easily manages to explain what commerce is as it relates to things in the society. This makes it simple for every person to understand what commerce is.

So, if you are someone who feels alienated when it comes to accountancy or commerce, this book is surely for you. While you may still think that accountancy or commerce is hard, it is not so hard to buy a copy of this fabulous book either in print or online version from You can also grab a copy from one of the leading e-tail portals Amazon or Flipkart.

Speaking about the book, Ramesh Arreja, said, “I have come across several people who feel that accountancy and commerce are too difficult to even think about them. I have felt that it is important to break that myth as we deal with them every day. So, I thought why not pen down a book that helps people understand the concepts of accountancy and commerce easily.” He goes on to add, “I urge every person who feels that these two topics are tough to understand to go grab a copy. I bet, your perception will change after reading the book.”

Born and brought up in Bhopal (the city of lakes), Ramesh Arreja is a post-graduate in finance and a banker by profession. With a decade of experience in the banking industry, he has in-depth knowledge of finance. He hails from a family with a business background. His love for numbers is unimaginable. He loves teaching and is a keen learner. He started teaching commerce when he
was still in graduation. He was always a bright student and he thrives for competition. This is his first attempt to make accountancy a child’s play. He is planning to write more such books on economics, management and accountancy. Ramesh lives in Goa with his wife, Preeti, and daughter, Baani.