We are living in an age where technology has evolved our everyday lives so much so, we would be lost without our smartphones, email accounts, FitBit’s and Apple Mac’s. But has the dawn of a tech era stolen from our golden moments in 2019? Do we need to give our minds a break or can we use our technology to our advantage and seize even 5 minutes’ opportunity out of the office by using our mobile devices.

We take a look at how we can adapt to the modern world of tech and use it to our advantage so that we don’t need to forgo that important email, miss a SKYPE meeting or stand the chance to lose our digitalized calendar by leaving our phones in all the wrong places. We take a look at some of the most preferred means to use technology to the befit of our health, after all, we need to give our minds an escape to stay sane in a world of hustle and bustle.

Mobile Smartphones

Our phones are with us around the clock, so why not use smart devices such as tablets and smartphones for a more relaxing purpose rather than spend every free moment on Twitter or Facebook. It has been scientifically proven that playing games on your phone increases productivity and releases a chemical hormone which benefits the brain immensely. Need guidance? Try NetBet and explore an entirely new gaming realm or download a game for free from your app store. Whichever you choose, make sure it’s something you enjoy and find yourself seeking out.

Web Based Programs

If you are limited to a PC or a laptop, you are in fact not limited at all. You can do everything mobile users can do, you may just find it slightly more inconveniencing as it may not be ideal to pull out your laptop on the subway. However, if you plan your day right, you can access web based programs designed to mentor you through meditation and positive thinking, a great stress reliever indeed.


Books have been made available to the digital user and just like that the days of hauling tons of books in backpacks and suitcases are gone. Reading is an incredibly calming remedy used to break away from reality. If you suffer from anxiety or depression, it has been found that reading a good book may improve your happiness. eBooks are ideal for the modern user as they can download these books to their mobile devices or even invest in a Kindle which is essentially a glorified technology platform whereupon you can download and read all your favourite authors releases.

Find a way to improve your mental health using the resources you have at your fingertips. Technology has been invented to make our lives more convenient, not to run from it, so why not embrace these wonderful gadgets and use them to improve our mental state of mind and even promote a healthier lifestyle.