Studentreasures Publishing Offers Free Writing Activities to Motivate Students Become Storytellers

[Topeka, 06/06/2019] – Studentreasures Publishing provides teachers and schools with free hands-on writing activities and kits to inspire students to write. Through Studentreasures, children can hone their creativity and tell their stories while building upon their writing skills. The company also publishes the students’ books for free.

Writing Kits and Programs

Studentreasures Publishing’s most popular program among teachers is the Classbook, which is perfect for students in Pre-K-6. This program allows teachers to publish a book with their entire class, encouraging kids to work collaboratively to finish the project and learn about the publishing process from start to finish.

The Classbook kit includes 66 pages: 33 for text and 33 for illustrations. Studentreasures also offers free replacement pages for when the kids make errors. The teachers get a free deluxe, hardcover copy of the book while parents can pre-order their copies.

Apart from the Classbook, Studentreasures also has the Premier, Individual, and Individual Programs so teachers can choose a project that fits the different needs of their class. Teachers also have the option to create their classbooks online to introduce kids to the power of technology. Studentreasures will publish the online book into a professionally bound copy afterward.

Published Young Authors

Studentreasures Publishing envisions a world where every child is a published author. Since its founding, the services and writing tools it has provided have helped create more than 15 million young authors.

The book publishing kits provide the push that children need to channel their inner storytellers, cultivate creativity, and develop a love for learning at an early age.

About Studentreasures Publishing

For more than 20 years, Studentreasures Publishing has helped millions of aspiring young writers achieve their dream by offering free writing tools and kits. The company believes that its product is more than a book; it is about providing a worthwhile experience for children that can build their character while creating something that they can be proud of and treasure forever.

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