Notion Press, India’s largest self-publishing company is coming out with a book that helps things look simple in life. The book, ‘Masters Playbook of Ompossible’ is a guide for everyone to making wading waters of life an easy task.

Problems are part and parcel of life, and it is often stated that it is wise to spend time finding the solution for it rather than crying fowl about it. While we must have heard this from many, it is rare to hear anyone stating what, perhaps, would make things easier for someone to find the solution.

Raj Sukheja, the author of this fantastic read, gives you the simplest solution. He says, the fundamental idea of approaching a problem lies in taking things the simple way. Many a times, we see people willingly complicating things for the good of no one. He says in his book that when you struggle to find answers to your questions in life, it is always good to sit back and relax. And then look at nature and common sense for all the answers.

The book spells its mantra for solving biggest of problems in life with simplicity. The author is often found stating that sometimes it is important to pay attention to the small things that the broader perspective. He says look at the roots than the tree for the solution.

Whether or not you are engulfed by problems in life, this book is a must read as it will surely be of use in some way or the other. So, what are you waiting for? Go grab the copy of this excellent read, “Om Possible” either in print or online version from or other e-commerce platforms like Amazon and Flipkart.

Speaking of the book, the author, Raj Sukheja, says, “We see people running to all sorts of people for help when they are surmounted with a problem. More often than not, they end up not finding a concrete solution. The problem is that they fail to look at things from a broader perspective.” He goes on, “This book guides you through these aspects of any problem, helping people look at factors that might get missed while judging a situation.”

The author, Raj Sukheja, is an independent thinker, philanthropist, entrepreneur, author and a philosopher. He primarily writes on self-development, spirituality and business. With more than two short books published and over 1000 posts, articles and quotes in the past 10 years. Renowned platforms like, and host his phenomenal content. Raj writes on complex subjects using simple words so that everyone can interpret and understand the nuances of life and business.