Page-turner ends with shocking conclusion in author’s hallmark style.

BOSTON — South Shore Author J.P. Farrell has been delighting fans for years with his gripping thrillers and now continues the streak with his latest suspense novel, Buried Code, a riveting read to the very end.

Buried Code starts out on a perfect summer afternoon in the small town of Green River, Indiana. A group of friends with shovels tromp through the cornstalks pretending to be pirate hunters. Digging into the dirt, nine-year-old Cole Adams’s shovel strikes a hard object. The group digs deeper and unearths a strange metal object, which the government then seized in the dead of night, claiming it as one of their experimental airplanes.

Years later, Cole discovers something that was left behind: a powerful alien technology. Working with this advanced technology, Cole hones his skills as an AI “savant” and, after college, is recruited by Round Robotics, a secretive firm run by shadowy billionaire industrialist, Luke Richards.

Cole soon stumbles upon the company’s involvement in a diabolical plot that reaches to the highest levels of the US government. With nobody to trust and nowhere to turn, Cole reluctantly befriends a mysterious Department of Defense consultant. But the alliance could cost Cole everything.

While tracking a human trafficking ring, Agent Miller’s investigation takes a turn to Round Robotics. Working independently, Agent Miller and Cole discover that Round Robotics is ground zero for a heinous deep-state conspiracy put in play by a cabal of powerful capitalists who will stop at nothing to accomplish their mission. Can either of them stay alive long enough to expose the plot and bring the perpetrators to justice?

“In today’s environment, a character-driven thriller can be a great escape,” said Farrell. “As any author will say, you always want to create a story that’s hard to put down – that’s the goal. Hopefully, I’ve done that. My formula is simple: grab the reader from page one and pump up the suspense as the story unfolds. And like my previous thrillers, Buried Code has the kind of shocking twist and turns that my readers have come to expect.”

Paperback and ebook versions of Buried Code can be purchased online through SDP Publishing, Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

ABOUT THE COAUTHOR— Best known for the riveting Slip of the Hand trilogy and The Common Cure, novelist J.P. Farrell lives outside of Boston, Massachusetts, with his family. Before becoming a novelist, Farrell worked in the financial industry in corporate America, finally yielding to the pull to write a great story.