The blog will publish extra info and teaser chapters from Mike Nilles’ autobiographical novel, slated for release in September/October 2020.

Atlanta, GA – USA | June 22nd, 2020 — is a newly launched book blog dedicated in preparation of writer Mike Nilles’ first autobiographical novel, set in Luxembourg in the 1970s. The novel tackles a personal story of abuse, tragedy, and mystery, mixing truth and fiction. It takes place in the towns of Steinfort and Rodange, in the heart of Luxembourg’s declining steel industry, where two working class families intertwine and clash. What follows is a gut-wrenching story of mistreatment and fractured relationships.

What started as a personal project has evolved into a tale that needs to be told, as per the author’s words. “When I began writing, (this book) started as nothing more than a form of self-therapy. Too much had happened that I could never bring over my lips,” Mike Nilles explains on his new blog. “But I can’t ignore that it happened. It started in the tiny town of Rodange, and what happened there followed me throughout my childhood, to Jean Asselborn’s municipality of Steinfort.”

In the lead up to the book’s release, Nilles plans to publish some of the book’s first chapters and release additional information to help readers learn more about the setting and put the puzzle pieces together. As an autobiographical novel, Mike Nilles’ new book will mix elements of truth and fiction, so it’s left to the reader to determine what really happened. Readers can also get in touch with Mike and share his story via the hashtag #mikenillesstory.

The book is set to be available for purchase in September/October 2020, with chapters and auxiliary information to be released in the lead up to the publication date.

About Us: is a book blog created in anticipation of Mike Nilles’ first autobiographical novel, set in the towns of Rodange and Steinfort in Luxembourg, in the early 1970s. The book will recount a tale of hardship and abuse, encouraging readers to piece together the truth. Inspired by global movements like #MeToo, Mike Nilles decided that it was time to face his past.

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