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Notion Press, India’s largest self-publishing company, has launched its latest book on finance, Four Bucket Cash Flow. Written by a leading charted accountant based in Delhi, Prashant Narang, the book explains our business owners could streamline their cash flow, understand their finances, improve efficiency and increase profits. This book is a simple guide to all business owners and start-up entrepreneurs, who have difficulty in sorting out their finances.
Business owners are experts in their own fields, be it in creating amazing products or providing best-in-class services for their customers. Many entrepreneurs who possess immaculate expertise in their areas of interest somehow find it difficult to make profits for their organisations. They tend to wonder how the money they make disappears and where they had gone wrong to suffer from leakage of funds. Four Bucket Cash Flow addresses this issue head-on and helps readers identify where they have gone wrong in their businesses.
The book not only points out the mistakes but it also offers solutions with tables which the readers could work on to find their issues and even the ways of fixing them. The book acts as a complete self-help guide to entrepreneurs to get the finances of their businesses under control. From identifying the issues, locating the leakage, monitoring the funds and finding ways and means to make the best of your cash flow, Four Bucket Cash Flow talks about every aspect a business owner should consider in making their business profitable and efficient.
Prashant Narang is a Charted Accountant from Delhi who has extensive experience in taxation and auditing services. Apart from his main areas of interest, he also provides advice to business owners on the ways of monitoring finances to enhance the profitability of their businesses. He regularly shares his extensive knowledge and experience by conducting various workshops.
Four Bucket Cash Flow could transform your business and increase profits. The book is available in print and e-book format at the Notion Press bookstore and several other e-commerce platforms.