Ali Ata Purchases and Plans to Rehabilitate Multifamily Residential Building in Illinois

The building, which can be found at 8401 S. Harlem Ave. in Burbank, Ill., is located on Chicago’s North Shore and overlooks Lake Michigan. According to Ata, AAIM Development will perform a complete rehabilitation/upgrade of all units, including installing new heating and air conditioning systems. Ata said these changes will provide immense value to future tenants, thus contributing to tenant retention and a strong bottom line for AAIM Development going forward.

According to Ata, Chicago’s multifamily real estate market contracted sharply in response to COVID-19, which led to the loss of about 250,000 jobs by the end of 2020’s third quarter. Unfortunately, this resulted in a rise in Chicago’s multifamily vacancy rate. In addition, the major economic disruption brought about by COVID-19 prevented many individuals from being able to pay their rent, which caused rent to decline in 2020. The market continues to experience some easing in 2021 as well.

However, a new supply of multifamily properties is anticipated to continue to arrive unabated in 2021. In light of this, now is an excellent time for investors to pour money into multifamily residential buildings in Chicago, according to Ata.

Over the years, AAIM Development has developed a reputation throughout Chicago for its high level of success in both business investments and real estate development. AAIM Development’s Ali Ata, who graduated from the University of Illinois at Chicago, is especially well known for his strong business acumen, coupled with the many contributions that he has made to the community. Ata, who views AAIM Development as a way of giving back to the community, said he looks forward to continuing to provide high-quality multifamily housing to people in the Windy City.

Disclaimer: The news site hosting this press release is not associated with Ali Ata or AAIM Development. It is merely publishing a paid press release announcement submitted by a company, without any stated or implied endorsement of the person, product, service, or information above. Please consult a registered investment advisor or CFP before making any investment.  This is not a solicitation.

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GA Owner, Cole Torres, Shares Personal Experience Receiving COVID-19 Vaccine (with comedic relief)

Georgia small business owner, Cole Torres, recently joined a small group of YouTubers attempting to share their personal experiences receiving the COVID-19 vaccine. These creators are sharing their experiences in order to provide people with more accurate and practical information about what to expect and to encourage others to go get vaccinated against COVID-19. The video can be found here.

Cole received the vaccine and provided commentary about the experience, including an honest report on his personal side effects, a few days after receiving the 2nd dose. While many of the creators are providing a medical provider’s perspective, Cole tries to provide the perspective of just an ordinary person relaying his experience, along with his unique brash, comedic style.

It is important to note that Cole admits in his video that the story told is not, and should not be taken as, medical advice. It is important to consult with your own healthcare provider on all medical decisions.

As a business owner and a social activist, Cole is motivated to help others get vaccinated and become comfortable receiving the vaccine. Doing his part in helping us stay health as a society was the primary motivation for publishing his personal account.

While we enjoy Cole’s perspective, we recognize and applaud the other creators for publishing their experiences as well. We particularly enjoyed the video published by Dr Mike Hansen, found here.

Cole is the owner of 2 Georgia based small businesses and uses YouTube to teach others about technology, business, digital privacy and to provide positive social commentary and education to his viewers in a fun, entertaining style. You can subscribe to his channel to be notified of future content.

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Buy Bulk Hardware is one-stop-shop for retail individuals & contractors, building, home & garden needs

Buy Bulk Hardware Launches Hundreds of New Products Available for Purchase Online As Single Items or In Bulk

Buy Bulk Hardware, Inc (BBH) announces that it has recently launched hundreds of new products on its eCommerce website. Buy Bulk Hardware is a competitive leader in the hardware tools industry and sells discounted top-brand home improvement products online. The main product lines on the website include Hardware & Tools, Door Locks, Plumbing Supplies,  and Commercial & Residential Cleaning Supplies.

Over the last 25 years, Bulk Buy Hardware has forged relationships with major hardware brands, importers, and leading hardware wholesale distributors throughout the US that allow the company to offer low-priced products to individuals and companies. Buy Bulk Hardware works with top brands, such as Grip Tight Tools, Premiere Lock, and Plumb Tech. Buy Bulk Hardware markets its products to contractors, small and large businesses, organizations, and individuals who prefer to purchase hardware items in bulk. Buy Bulk Hardware’s mission is to sell its products at the lowest price it can while still being able to offer friendly, reliable, and prompt service.

Buy Bulk Hardware always welcomes new customers and is committed to offering the same dedication and loyalty that have kept its existing customers coming back year after year. No business is too big or too small to place an order on Buy Bulk Hardware. Buy Bulk Hardware sells to the general public in bulk or retail.

In addition to its main product lines, Buy Bulk Hardware also sells shipping supplies, paint supplies, masonry & concrete tools, safety equipment, tool storage, drills, and drill bits. In recognition of the difficulties companies and individuals have had in finding products that help to protect against the spread of COVID-19, Buy Bulk Hardware is now listing masks and hand sanitizer on its “New Arrivals” section. Not only does it list standard protective masks, but also Grade A quality, CE certified masks as well as KN95 CE certified respirator masks.

Buy Bulk Hardware lists the price for each item clearly right on the website along with the discount the customer is given when buying the item in bulk. The greater the quantity purchased, the bigger the discount. Items are available for purchase individually as well as in bulk. Buy Bulk Hardware offers free ground shipping on orders that are $35.00 and higher for orders placed and shipped within the United States.

Customer service for Buy Bulk Hardware is available Monday through Friday, 8:30 am to 5:30 pm. The phone number to reach customer service to place an order is on the website along with the email address and a contact page.

The Buy Bulk Hardware, Inc website can be found at

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Who’d want to date a lawyer? Everyone

RollOnFriday (RoF), the world’s leading legal community website, has created Lawyr, a dating app for people in the legal community and those who want to meet them. It is a world first and since launching in March 2021 has already achieved a global following from London, Sydney, Houston to Minsk.

RollOnFriday was founded more than 20 years ago and achieved success after noting that despite cultural differences, lawyers around the globe have much in common, face similar pressures and enjoy the same sense of humour. Most dating apps are built by tech companies. Everyone who works at RoF is a lawyer and understands its community. With its reputation and following RoF is uniquely placed to launch such a dating app.

Lawyr dating App logo

Lawyr dating App logo

Matthew Rhodes OBE, founding Director of RoF comments: “It’s often easier to date someone with whom you have a lot in common. Even if you’re not both lawyers, working in the same sector really helps. It also means that your date will be sympathetic when you cancel half an hour before you’re due to meet because the side letter hasn’t signed. This dating app can do the heavy lifting while you’re stuck in a meeting room getting flogged by clients to complete a deal or pitch by dawn.”

Lawyers should date other lawyers, according to Jamie Hamilton, co-developer of Lawyr and RoF news editor: “Lawyers are a great catch. After all, ‘Lawyer’ is a shorthand for brains, security, and a devotion to justice – all superb qualities in a partner. And they can deal with the insurer if your luggage gets lost.”

James Dennison, co-developer of Lawyr and RoF journalist, explains how it works: “The app’s main rule is that users must either work in the legal profession or want to meet someone who does. So, legal types can match with other legal folk, or with people outside the sector. The only restriction is that one half of the match has to be in the legal profession, so non-lawyers can’t search for other non-lawyers.”

Lawyr is available on iOS and Android. Users can download Lawyr on the Apple App store or the Google Play Store. Or they can sign-up online:

Dennison explains the app is not just for lawyers: “The app is for the entire legal community – from students, paralegals, business services to partners. We know people in the legal profession want to date others in the community, but we also know going out with colleagues can create toxic issues. Lawyr solves the problem by letting legal professionals dodge the liabilities while still inking the deal.”