Corporate Fleet Services understands the complicated world of private aircraft sales and acquisitions and uses their experience to guide clients to find the jets for sale that meet their unique requirements. Purchasing a private aircraft is an investment. There are many considerations to ponder before pulling the trigger on transactions. While private aircraft acquisitions shouldn’t be taken lightly, CFS Jets makes the process hassle-free by guiding their clients through the entire process of used jet purchases. Insurance
CFS Jets advises their clients when it comes to finding appropriate insurance coverage. Using an experienced aviation underwriter can assist in this process and help clients compare and contrast policies. Overhauls
Purchasing used aircraft can be complicated. Sellers may mention overhauls, but brokers can help clients determine if the overhaul is worth it for the price. Major overhauls may even include the complete disassembly and inspection of private jets.Title
Private aircraft brokers can help clients conduct an in-depth review of title and liens by using their available resources as accredited dealers. It’s important that this title search is conducted before buyers move forward with purchases. About Corporate Fleet Services
Corporate Fleet Services, also known as CFS Jets, is an internationally recognized aircraft dealer known for streamlining private aircraft sales and acquisitions. No matter if their clients are looking for jets for sale or trying to put their private aircraft on the market, CFS Jets uses their strong connections and experience to ensure the complete satisfaction of all parties involved. As members of the International Aircraft Dealers Association, CFS Jets has been the preferred choice for aircraft sales since 1984. With an extensive inventory of jets for sale and a passion for luxury air travel, CFS Jets is ready to help their clients prepare for take-off. Visit to learn more about jets for sale!