Acquiatoday announced updates to the Acquia Open Digital Experience Platform (DXP) designed to help marketers and developers architect the composable enterprise. These updates include the launch of Acquia Experience Platform, including Acquia CMS, the industry’s first agile enterprise content management system (CMS) built on Drupal. In addition, major enhancements to Acquia Drupal Cloud and Acquia Marketing Cloud, which together comprise Acquia Open DXP, promise to make digital experiences faster, more data-driven and easier to build.

Architecting the composable enterprise with Acquia Open DXP

Organizations today are more focused than ever on creating custom digital experiences for customers, employees, citizens and students. To do this, they must be able to assemble sets of packaged business capabilities into new digital experiences quickly. The new Acquia Open DXP powers composable digital experiences that are agile, flexible and give organizations the first-mover advantage they need to experiment and rapidly adapt to ever-changing customer needs.

“Acquia’s vision is of a world where brands can personalize everything,” said Dries Buytaert, co-founder and CTO at Acquia. “The only way to do this is through composable architectures, which are open, connected and flexible to allow fast assembly of digital services. Acquia Open DXP puts the power back in the hands of creators to focus on building distinctive and modern digital experiences at scale.” 

Acquia Experience Platform provides the foundation for Drupal Cloud 

New to Drupal Cloud, the Acquia ExperiencePlatform includesAcquia CMS, Site Studio and Cloud IDE. All run on the Acquia Cloud Platform, the onlyKubernetes-native, autoscaling cloud platform for digital experiences. The platform includes:

  • Acquia CMS: a brand new CMS thatharnesses cutting-edge capabilities from the Drupal community in a simple, out-of-the-box experience.Acquia CMS harnesses learnings from thousands of successful customer deployments, with pre-built content types, roles, and permissions tospeed marketers’ time to delivery. 
  • Acquia Site Studio:the only no-code tool available within an enterprise CMS, empowering anyone to build websites without the need for technical expertise. Includes pre-set components and design templates to ensure brand consistency. 
  • Acquia Cloud IDE:purpose-built development environment for Drupal to expedite development timelines and reduce barriers to entry for Drupal development.  

To help customers unlock the power of the Acquia Experience Platform, Acquia Migrateis a new UI to update Drupal 7 sites to Drupal 9 up to 80% faster for sites with minimal custom code. 

Marketing Cloud improves efficiency, reduces risk and increases revenue

With Acquia CDP at the core, Marketing Cloud includes innovations that help marketers tailor campaigns to their customers through data, machine learning and more. Updates include:

  • Unified analytics:Acquia Personalization now leverages the same analytics platform as Acquia CDP to provide a comprehensive understanding of customers and business KPIs, and gain deeper insight into the performance of marketing campaigns.
  • New machine learning models:New fuzzy clustering capabilities allow customers to be segmented into multiple machine learning clusters.
  • Reporting enhancements:New campaign performance reporting provides insights into the results from campaigns powered by CDP data.
  • Compliance workflows:A new consumer data erasure request UI and API make it more efficient to honor GDPR and CCPA deletion requests and confirm that deletion requests were handled properly.

About Acquia
Acquia is the open digital experience platform that enables organizations to build, host, analyze and communicate with their customers at scale through websites and digital applications. As the trusted open source leader, we use artificial intelligence to produce better business outcomes for CX leaders.