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New Media Film Festival® announces early lineup in the Music Video
& Music Only categories
New Media Film Festival® honors stories worth telling. Music tells great stories and this year includes a global
collection of sound. Announcing early lineup nominees in the Music categories for the 2021 New Media Film
Festival® Awards.
The original music nominees are Roots-Sequoia, Movin’ On, Endless Guitars, Ode to Joy, An Interesting Story
About an Uninteresting Guy and After the Lockdown.
-From United Kingdom, Artist emaé would see her family move from Scotland to England, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Botswana
before settling in London. She created Roots-Sequoia, a feel-good blend of soul-pop, as a fusion of all the cultures that embraced her
and the places she’s called home.
-When Samarah Conley (USA) was eleven years old she was feeling sad and wrote Movin’ On. The chorus was
created in the studio with producer Len Monachello.
– Endless Guitars is from the internationally award-winning anniversary album “The World Anthem” by Artist
Conny Conrad of Germany.
– From Conductor Taras Kutsenko, Ode to Joy was born out of a great desire to unite during the pandemic.
Musicians from (China, Monaco, Spain, Ukraine) recorded their videos on mobile & sound engineers worked
with this material to create a full-fledged studio sound.
– From composer Donny Walker (USA) An Interesting Story About an Uninteresting Guy features over 70
Chicago based musicians.
– Music Video After the Lockdown by Director Joy Shannon – USA is based on the film, After the Lockdown:
Black In LA
– The Music Series recently released on The Media Futurists Podcast include

Musicians Series, Episode 3: Samarah Conley
Samarah Conley, 13-year-old singer, songwriter and actor,
released her newest single “Movin’ On” in 2020. Samarah wrote
her first song when she was just five years old and has a bright
future in the music and entertainment industry. Here we discuss
the future of Samarah’s career, her inspiration for “Movin’ On”
and her favorite types of music to listen to.

Musicians Series, Episode 2: Heavenly Reyna

Heavenly Reyna is a 20-year-old singer, songwriter and actor. She
began traveling the world with her family at just five years old and
started her career in the music and entertainment industry at a
young age. Heavenly and I discuss her newfound love of Twitch
streaming, her songwriting process and her cameo in an Ariana
Grande music video.

Musicians Series, Episode 1: Giorgio Ranciaro
Giorgio Ranciaro, drummer for Italian band Inner Skin, is the
director of Inner Skin’s “Poison” music video. Inspired by the
animal fable about the scorpion and frog who cross a river
together, “Poison” tells the story of a mysterious scorpion woman.
In this episode we discuss the inspiration and meaning behind the
music video and Inner Skin’s creative process.

The 12 th Annual New Media Film Festival® is set for June 2 & 3 2021.
Submissions are accepted through April 3, 2021. A complete list of the early lineup nominees can be found here
ABOUT – New Media Film Festival® is an innovative and award-winning festival created in 2009 to celebrate global
stories, technology, and platforms.  The goal of the festival is to bring the world the Best in New Media, honoring stories
worth telling of emerging and established video and new media artists throughout the world. a multiple award winning festival.